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3 240Z cars are now mine


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I can not believe my luck. For the last couple years I have been looking for an early 240Z to go along with my KGC10. Now I have found it. Also comes with 2 others. Last night I dragged home the first one. A build date of 1/71. Has the rear vented hatch, no vents in the rear pillar, runs and no rust. I got burned on a purchase while I was in Al. Had to junk the car so I have learned the hard way when it comes to rust problems. Simply amazing. Car came from NM originally. Last few years it has been in Las Vegas. So not much rain has even had a chance at it. Get this....No undercoating is sprayed on the car....Second car that I will be getting this morning is a build date of 10/71 so it is titled as a 72. Again it runs, no rust and the paint on it looks pretty decent. I will spend so time on it polishing out the paint and sell it to recoupe some of my costs. The 3rd car is going to be a headache as it will require the most work. A 12/70 shell. Again no rust but I need to finish welding a patch panel under the battery tray. Hard part has already been done. This one I am thinking of keeping for quite some time. Simply because it will take some time to get it together and of course I will want to enjoy the fruits of my labor. If you are near Vegas and looking for a Z car that has no rust, runs and even has triples installed already...I know the guy who needs to sell so he can move back to Japan. Super nice and easy to work with....

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So I spent some time this evening doing preventive maintenance on the 72 240z. This one I will want to sell quickly as I do not plan on keeping it. Changed the oil and filter. Old oil was definitely dirty. Good news no water or metal was in it. So in with the new. Pulled the plugs. Only 1 was slightly wet. Cleaned them up. Wires still felt good...Not all dried up or fraile. Fired right up and has some balls to it. On closer inspection it has a L26 block E88 head and dual round top SU's. Some one along the way pieced it together with the idea of more power. Got to love the interchangeablity of the L6. The mechanical fuel pump is not hooked up. So I will go find a block off plate from a EFI car in the junkyard tomorrow. The heater hoses are a bit dried up and ratty so I will put some plugs into the head and do away with those completely. Will make the left side of the engine seem cleaner as well. The EGR pump is still on the motor but no belt so I will toss it tomorrow as well. Clean up the right side of the engine and put it on the chopping block.

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I fully intended to put pics up tonight but I spent all my time wrenching on the 1/71 car and ran out of light. Did the same PM's as I did the 10/71 car and got the same results. Fires right up and good power. The 10/71 may have a tiny bit more power but the 1/71 is a smoother running car. No shaking or clunking it in at all. I need to investigate the rear brakes as I had to disconnect the parking brake cables. The handle will got down but the cable did not release. Pulled the little cotter pins and the brakes released. Anyways the paint is in shambles on the 1/71 car. Someone took a wire wheels attachment to have of it and never covered it back with something. So the only rust on it is some ever so slight surface rust. I am planning on DA ing the entire car and shoot some primer/sealer on it. This way any body flaws are easier to see. I do not expect to find any dents smoothed out with bondo. But we shall see. Hopefully I can get some time off and get the car completely sanded in 2 days. Will be posting pics of the 3 and before after of the 1/71 ....

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The shell I plan to keep for myself. I will rebuild it with the help from my local junkyard. They have 2 pretty complete 240z cars and a handful of 280Z's as well. Will pick and chose the best stuff and modernize it a bit. The orange 72 car is on hold for a local. Hope he comes thru. The grey car is a series 1 and more pics will follow shortly. Car is complete and as rust free as I have ever seen. Hope to sell it and recoup some of my expenses. Hopefully fund some of the rebuilding for the shell as well.




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