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  1. Older thread I know but are the headlight assy's still around? The buckets are what I am looking for. Thanks
  2. Sounds feasible. I use blackcat and UPS to get stuff out of Japan. Not too bad. I will have to forward this thread to the interested buyer so he can chime in on his own.
  3. Would shipping stateside be possible? A local KenMary owner is asking me to locate these for him from Japan, but thinking he can do this himself w/o language barriers from ya'll.
  4. Zilvia, does have some good ssr mesh wheels or longchamps pop up from time to time.
  5. The car looks more solid than the one I had restored. The front flairs are the aftermarket larger style. Not matching the rears but overall that is a very minor detail. Having an S20 would be cool but I have given up on that idea.
  6. The car sold on ebay to a fellow classiczcar member so I am happy. Now I can start focusing on my other build. This ones for me...
  7. Per my ebay auction I wa asked to post more interior pics.
  8. Current pics of the car as she sits and some of the engine. Engine has been swapped around. Block is a l26 w/E31 head. Still has the original SU ROUNDTOP carbs though. Transmission has also been replaced with a 5 speed. I did not do any of this I simply repaired what was there to make her run well. I would look at replacing the clutch as it feels like it is slightly slipping.
  9. Some good shots of the under floorpan area. Again no rust and super clean. Also shown are the frame rail sections that usually rust out. You know the area where the front subframes and floorpan areas are.
  10. I was unable to load the pic of the driverside rust but the pasengerside is similar and it loaded up so here are good visuals on the only rust found on the car. Actually all pics between the driverside and passengerside are identical as far as condition of the car so that will save time of loading pics and questions about condition. Remember to think times 2 when looking at the pics to have an accurate idea on the condtion of the car. I used a small sandblaster to remove the paint in both the front pillars and door handle areas. Evedrything else was done with a D.A. sander.
  11. Here are some more pics. Focusing on the driver side. Only rust was in the dogleg area behind the rear wheel. Also notice the front pillar is clean and rust free as well.
  12. I will take a short break and let some of this soak in. To make the car a daily driver I would get it painted, replace all the rubber seals, possible replace of hub bearings and check out the brakes. I have not noticed a problem with brakes or bearings but the car has been sitting for a while so a little preventive maintenance could go along way in the , "just in case" department.
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