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OK,so when I first purchased my 240 less than two years ago, I had to replace the u-joint connecting the rear diff to the passanger side half-shaft. It was in pretty bad shape. Then today, while I was driving, the same u-joint broke (YIKES). So my question is, is this particular u-joint a common problem? The tow truck driver said he had a friend with a Z that had the exact same problem with the same u-joint. Just curious.


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I haven't heard of this. Maybe your just unlucky when it comes to passenger side u-joints? What I have heard is that some of the earlier model Z's have the diff mounted in a location where it is not alligned with the half shafts. They are further forward by a few inches. This is a common modification that early Z owners do, move the diff back to where the half shafts are aligned to the diff. Hopefully someone who has done this modification can elaborate a bit more. If not do a search and you will find this subject discussed previously. If your diff location isn't your problem than I would suggest getting a heavy duty u-joint. I think MSA sells them sorry I can't remember the name brand. Someone....?

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I bought an aftermarket driveshaft from MSA a few years ago that includes "Spicer" brand u-joints. It has held up very well. Below is the MSA online catalog page for their halfshaft u-joints. It doesn't specify these as being "Spicer" brand, but it couldn't hurt to give them a call.



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