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I painted my 240 today!


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Hey Z people, Well its been over 3 years comming. I finally painted my 240Z. I started the paint job yesterday, 6 hours just to get it preped, taped and into the booth. Then I sprayed on a coat of primer sealer, that was a total disaster. It went on to dry, and had orange peal from hell. I lightly sanded the primer coat and shot the color... IT LOOKED LIKE HELL! That was all I could take for one day. I decided to come in this morning and start all over again.

I got to the school this morning at 8 am and started sanding. I wet sanded all of the orange peal and dry primer bumps off the base coat, that took me 4 hours. Once I had the Z all preped and ready to go I put down the first coat of base, AWESOME! The second coat of base went down just as beautiful. 3 coats of base total.

Time for clear coat. The first coat looked good, the second looked amazing. The second coat looked so good that I considered not doing a thrid. That thought didn't last to long, so I layed down the thrid and final coat. It looks like glass. I'm very Happy with the results.

I used about half a gallon of base coat (including the first goof up that I had to sand off) and I used about 1/3rd of a gallon of clear coat. Now all I have to do is color sand and buff the clear coat.

I used PPG paint and the color I picked is nissan A17 (a.k.a. La manes Sunset) its the color from the 350Z "orange". I will have pictures of it in a few days.

I just wanted to tell people about my experiance, and encourage people that a quality paint job can be done by yourself... its all about the prep work!

Rock on Z people!

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I know how you feel Maddos. I was supper nervious too. But it cam out awesome. Just take your time and make sure prep the the car really good.

I up loaded some pictures that I took yesterday (the paint day from hell)

The first picture is the primer that I had PERFECTLY sanded and ready

the Second picture is the STUPID primer/ sealer that messed up my car

The third picture is my first attempt at the base coat that ended up getting sanded off.


I don't know how to post the pictures straight to the thread ... but they are in my picture album.

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Its not Gold. That would be ugly, the lights from the spray booth are kind of yellow and with the orange metalic paint it look like gold in the pictures. It really looks like a 350Z La Manes Sunset (orange). I'll get some better pictures soon.


P.S. that would be a crazy japanies pimp mobile though.

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