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Clutch sliping


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ROFL I just installed a new 240z clutch to my 240z flywheel, which is now matted to my 280zxt engine I just got working today. I went to go for a ride and the clutch is sliping horribly. I mean the car will not go pull past 25mph. And that's being very sensitive to the gas. I bled the fluid well---I think. Are these clutchs self-ajusting or am I missing something here?

Ahhh, any thoughts on the matter will be helpful. Thanks everyone looking.

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Yeah, I'm thinking a pressure plate/release bearing collar mis-match is a good possibility. It's that, or badly mis-adjusted. Not going to be a bleeding problem, if there was air in the line the clutch would grip too well, not slip.

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Hey thanks for the replies. The whole clutch assembly is from a 240z, as I mentioned the only difference here is that the flywheel is matted to the F54 block. I am under pressure as I am moving to S.F. this weekend and having my car ready to roll would be such a stress reliever. My clutch may be mis-ajusted. Can someone give me a call? 805 550 4149. Jesse.

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