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5 sp tramsmission vent, which direction?


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Nice question. The gearbox just pulled fom my ZX import has the arrow facing to the rear. I would have thought it would face the front, whatever, the open part of the vent should face to the rear.

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I was going to answer this question but I didn't have a tranny to look at so i would have been going on memory. It would make sense that it would face the rear since the air flow would prevent it from venting properly if the opening was facing toward the front.

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The top is round and open all the way around, it does not need to "suck" air, the issue is the end that is built into the shaft that goes down in the tranny, it has a "cutaway" section on it. Come up 3/16ths" or so and imagine about half the shaft removed up to that height, in a nice pretty arc. Looking in the tranny I can't see any real advantage to one direction or the other but I bet those engineers put that cutaway there and an arrow to insure a certain direction was used at installation on purpose. If you pulled your 5sp last night and no one has been there in awhile it may be correct, still leaning to "arrow front". Good thing I have time to get hung up on something that is probably a moot point, but haveto believe they cut the bottom and put an arrow on it for a reason. Which way, Which way????


Another Question: If our knees bent backwards could we still ride a bicycle?

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