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My Z in the old city of Quebec city!!!

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Ok, this last friday, I offered my GF a ride to go from Montreal to Quebec city in the Z and spend a romantic night and have fun !!!

Well, she was skeptical about the ride with the old lady, but was surprised.

It took us 2 hours (about 160miles, or 250km) to get there.

We had a lot of thumbs up on our way, and my GF was a little bit shy, since we are riding the car, everyone (almost) sheers at the car, and I enjoy it.

People keep coming at me when I'm parking the car and start to tell me story about the 1st sport car they had, and it was a Z most of the time.

They don't believe how well the car is preserved.

I feel proud about that and I enjoyed.

I did attract the crowd in the Grande Allée, one of the main tourist spot in the old city of Quebec. People were staring at the car, since I don't think there is a Z in Quebec city, since most of them are in Montreal.

Anyway, we had a good time, except for the drive back in the rain... I did not like it, since...well, it's only water like my GF told me.

Here are some pictures of Quebec for you!!!



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