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AAARRGGHH!! not built for a turbo :(


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i was around at my mates place yesterday who is doing the engine and gearbox mount for me. I had also asked him to mount the R32 GTR radiator and intercooler i had bought for it

The radiator was to be mounted behind the support and the intercooler in at the bottom of the support with the intercooler piping going into the wheel well through a hole cut out on both sides of the front apron..

of course when i sized up the intercooler (call it wishfull thinking i guess), i didn't realise (well i do now i think about it of course) that the front bar mounts go right through where i planned to have the intercooler :( bugger i am stupid :(

now it looks like i am going to have to try and get a custom intercooler made that would fit into the radiator area (including end tanks and intercooler piping), which means that i am also going to have to get a custom thicker sized radiator made also to take the increased heat of the engine (due to the RB and the intercooler sitting in front)

How are the rest of you Turbo conversion guys handling the radiator and intercooler? i looked into a air to water intercooler, but these get heat soaked to easily (though they are a lot smaller

apparenly i am looking at around $800 each for a radiator and intercooler but i am still not confident how it will all fit.. and just when i thought i was actually getting somewhere :(

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He has installed an RB 20det into a 1966 Prince Skyline GT(called Marvin LOL ) He resides in South OZ. Here is his CarDomain site http://www.cardomain.com/ride/547037

I know Pete (a fitter and machinist by trade) spent a lot of time working this out and then implementing his ideas. All his own work as far as I know. Nice bloke, and he should be at Bathurst Kent! I've got his contact details at home if you need them.





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yeah that is exactly how we are now planing to do it (sort of)

The C110 has the front bumper bar mounts right next to the radiator support, unlike the Prince which has them much lower down. but we had a look at it today and it looks like i am going to have to do a similar one as in the photo above, but have the piping go stright into the engine bay at a 90" bend. this means i have to get a thin radiator made up that will allow the piping to clear around the sides, but atleast i can get it roughly 100mm thick so hopefully it won't affect heat that much.

, had another look at it today and the only option i can see

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i don't think the little old lady that i am going to hit one day will like the feeling of an oil cooler mushed into her face :)

Who cares about the old lady? Think about what damage she will do to that oil cooler ;)

it is amazing what gets passed through japanese registration :)

Whatever can't/won't pass gets taken off and re-installed after the inspection is done. My friend tells me that in the old days, he'd go to a shop that would rent him all the necessary parts, install them, and then take it all off when the inspection was done. This sometimes included the whole engine. It's much more lenient now.

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unfortunately it looks like australia is heading down that road too (being strict that is)

looks like i am going to try and shoehorn in a 500x300x75 intercooler sitting infront of some type of custom radiator (probably 100mm thick) with a thermo fan in between.. well that is the plan until that doesn't fit

at this stage the oil cooler will be sticking out of the window!

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