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Okay, I'm offering this up to the 240K group first.

I have gotten a DVD with parts manual files on it. It is a copy of the DVD that Nissan Parts uses - basically scanned maunals in PDF files with Japanese menus. I will make this available to you for some ridiculous low price to cover my time, postage and CD.

I CANNOT MAKE A COPY OF THE WHOLE DVD, as I have no DVD RW drive. I will only make copies of the manuals that are of interest/use to you (Certainly you don't need to have a manual for a 1969 Nissan Caball truck).

So, here are the ones for the 240K. Remember, these are for Japanese spec cars, but most of the parts would fit your 240Ks. If for nothing else, it would make a good reference manual.

1969 C10 Skyline

1972 C10 Skyline

1975 C110 Skyline

1975-1977 C110 Skyline

1969 GC10 Skyline

1971 GC10 Skyline

1972 GC10 Skyline

1975 GC110 Skyline

1977-1981 C210 Skyline

Other models are available. PM or e-mail me

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I copied the DVD to harddrive and burned it to CD. I now have 1 DVD with all the files intact and 5 CDs with only the PDF files. There are two other files on the DVD that I can't access and I think it's because it's either for Japanese OS or Nissan proprietary system. I'll ship you the 5 CD set if you want, but like I said earlier, it would be useless to have a parts manual for a 1969 Nissan Caballl truck.

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I would definately like to get a copy of that. Obviously the C10 fits my needs, but I would like to have all of the Skyline manuals if it's not too much trouble. Please let me know how much for one shipped to the U.S., zip code 91977 to be exact. Thanks


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