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Advice About restore The Z


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Hello My name Marvis,

I need some advice on a problem I have. About a year ago I went out and bought a 240z 71. I thought I was getting a pretty go deal:rambo: . I paid $700.00 for the car $300.00 for shipping. I knew there would be that needed to be done, but I didn't think it would be this much:sleepy: . My biggest concern is all the rust. There is not alot of rust on the body. Most of the rust is on the bottom of the car. You can the ground in alot of spots. When I first got it the car, a few friend and I tryed to get the car running. We got the car started, but while trying to change the oil I was touch the bottom of the car. Every place my hand touched went right in the car:disappoin . I didn't even have to push. The rust is even on the frame on the right side frame. The driver side door barely close because of the frame rust there. I just wondering would I be better of getting a Z thats not as bad a this one. The engine run ok, but whoever had it before me tryed to put a home made turbo on it. When it back fires a little flame shots out were the air fitler should be. The brake like are jacked. There no brake presure at all. I get presure from my family to junk it. What should I do?

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Hi Marvis, extensive rust damage on a Z car can be expensive to fix. Especially if the frame rails, floor pans, inner fenders, etc... are rusted out. There are replacement parts available, use the search function on the site and you will find a lot of information on rust repairs other members have done.

One thing to keep in mind is safety. Excessive rust damage, especially in areas that support the front suspension, can cause major problems and make the car unsafe to drive.

If it were me, I'd consider looking for another Z car without so much rust. Salvage as many parts as you can from the rusty Z car you now have, use what you need for the next one, sell the rest of the parts.

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sell the usable parts off of it, and save money to buy something that is in much better condition. You have a parts car, now you need a car (body) to put the parts into.

PS, I believe that your state salts roads in the winter. Any Z that you would drive on salted roads will end up just like the one you have. There is a lot of info here on "RUST" and the expense involved in repairing major issues like you are describing. Save your self some time and money by reading everything you can find.

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I agree with the other members, either sell the salvageable parts or keep them and buy another 240Z and use the spare parts on it. I would recommend that you look for a 240Z in a warmer & dryer climate than Illinois. Preferably the Southwest U.S. (AZ, NM, CO, NV, TX or CA). Repairing rust is very expensive and you are better off paying more for a rust-free Z or one that has very little rust than buying an inexpensive one with a lot of rust. There's always solid 240s for sale on Ebay at fairly reasonable prices.

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