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240K Coupe Spare Parts


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Okay Guys,

I am going to collect the Car and spare parts this weekend. Thanks for all your PM.s about what you want. There is a summary below. Although I am planning to keep some simialr bits (like cromes) I will do my best to everything on your lists. I shall be grabing as much as I can take home including other things like complete doors, indicator and other light assemblies, misc electrical componets, window glass, bumpers, front seats, inner panels, make that the whole interior, etc

If there is anythin else, you better be quick, as I am leaving erly Saturday morning. . .

The List:


Drivers Side Door Glass/Window

Front Door Opener Black Finger Guads Panels

RHS black plastic front interior pillar

Gearbox shifter inner & outer rubber boot


Fuel Tank

Lower Dash componets, if has round air vents.

Centre Console

Dash Console


RHR Light Crome Elbow

RHF 1/4 Panel

LHF 1/4 Panel - if possible


Front Window Crome Stripping

Rear Window Crome Stripping

Brake booster

Bonnet Cable

Wheel Nuts

Mr Camouflage:

The White Car in Total - Still waiting on the Pics

This might be an issue if we need all these parts ;-)


Window Winders

Front Struts

Diff & 1/2 Shafts


Drivers side Rear 1/4 - if possible

Other Than that, it's going to be a quite day !

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Mr Camouflage:

The White Car in Total - Still waiting on the Pics

This might be an issue if we need all these parts ;-)

Not a problem. I'll have your yellow one ;)

Seriously If you need the car for parts, then part it out.

I'd rather find a straight one. Trucking a damaged car across the country would probably be a waste of money that could otherwise be spent getting my z back on the road. But would like to see how bad the damage is before I make up my mind.

Theres another 240K on ebay. This one with a "factory sun roof". (I've given up correcting people on ebay, after the original rare 240Z mags guys comments about time wasting know it alls. Aparently a nsw or victorian datsun club told him they were 240z mags. If you missed the auction, they were 280zx mags.)

Anybody see the gold 240K on carsales.com.au ? looks like it had some sort of body kit / skirts with it.


I still kick myself for not leaving a note on one I saw broken down on the side of the road a few years ago.

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Hi Bruce!

Quite a list. Can I make a couple of modifications?

1. Outer gear boot & frame only if it is an early car (rectangle air vents easiest way to tell)

2. LHS door glass too if it's in very good condition

Craig, the gold one looks nice! But I would always be wary about buying someone else's project. Imagine the stuff that could be missing/unorganised... ugh

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Well Guys,

I finally got up to Bendigo to pick up the car & parts late on Saturday afternoon and found that the one car I wanted to take home (the Green one) was not complete.

I was told it did not have a Engine of Gear Box, which was fine as I plan to put a R30 2.4E in it anyway, but there was no Diff ! The Body is a straight as my Blue one, So I still managed to get it on the Tandium Trailer and got it home by 2:00am this morning.

The other two cars became the Parts Cars. The White one was exceptitional, which was a pitty as it had hit a tree head on. The Blue one was a rust bucket.

I got alot of parts, cromes, interior bits, 4 consoles, 2 sets of rear side windows, a non-matching set of doors, 1 bonnet, couple of seats. Unfortunately the dashes were not complete, so we suffered there. That and I ran out of time and light to get a Diff for the Green one.

I'm off now to unload the Cage Trailer full of bits down at my Factory. I'll sort out what I have got, sort out what I need, and then work throught the list to see what I can give you all.

PS: Kent - I got your fuel tank and it's a good one.

PPS: Michael - Sorry mate, not enough time to get a 1/4 panel.

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Wow, I had a stanley knife that looked just like that in the boot of my parts car! LOL And wow, they were ALL 1973 cars. Very interesting.

Loving the camber on the rear of the green thing! haha. You're crazy - you do know that don't you????

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Apparently they are Sigma Wheels. I'm told there are spacers behind them. Pitty there are only 3 !

Hi ya Bruce,

They may fit a Sigma, but I think they are a Nissan/Datsun Australia option wheel. My '75 240K has them, including the spare, all with spacers. i did have a brochure from ~ 1979 showing optional bits available from your friendly Australian Datsun dealer, these wheels being amongst them...even had a bit of a speil about them being made in South Aust. It came, and went with a 200B SX we sold years ago.

I wondered when I saw your pics if the centre caps were still around? I only have one, and have never seen another. I have seen centre caps on these wheels since, but none the same as mine:disappoin ....anyway here's some pics of the missing items. Keep up the good work in gathering & saving the old bits, GoodOnYa!! :classic:



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I started sorting out the mountain of crome today which I think is going to be the worst part of the job. But the important part of the exercise was to get the side window cromes for my blue car. Everthing else is a bonus.

I scored two fuel tanks out of the other two parts cars, but when I was cleaning them - I found one full of rusty petrol which isnt a good sign. The outer shells/skins look great. It would be a same to bin the rusty one. By the looks of things it has got a bit of rain water in the tank because they had removed the filler cap.

Has anyone had any experience refurbishing/flushing the inside of a tank? I was thinking of flushing it with Mineral Turps ???

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Not sure if you wanted to go this full-on, but there is what I think looks like the right thing to do when restoring the inside of a gas tank here: http://classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19514 There is another approach here: http://classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=963 Make sure to read the replies too, good info there :)

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Hey Rich! Not a dumb question at all. The short version is ...A Datsun 240K is a Nissan Skyline for a different market/region. Some compliance and cosmetic differences for sure, but still really a Skyline. Best bet for "what" they are, do a search of the 240K Forum and have a dig through the pics and posts. If you're still not satisfied, give me, or just about any of the regular posters here a yell.....we'd be glad to help you out! :classic:



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Ah, yes, I meant "officially". I know Motorex was doing it for some time and that there are some others floating around.

Interesting story, I believe it was something due to Bill Gates -- you are allowed to import certain classic cars that would otherwise have not been allowed previously. The Skyline may fall under that, I know some of the others on this board have them.

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