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Four doors aren't cool.


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Upon seeing 4-door C110's many of my friends have remarked at how UNCOOL the 4-doors were and how totally grandma-spec they looked. Nothing amazing, exciting or desirable. The below link is for all you 4-door owners... inspiration, and possibly something to throw back in their faces when they say anything bad!! Look for yourself. :devious:


Those are 16x9.5 and 16x11s.... :o :o :o




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Yeah. 4 doors are way UNCOOL . . . . until they blow your doors off. I've taken on several idiots here that don't realize that my way UNCOOL taxi-cab spec 4 door has a six cylinder motor backed by a 5-speed tranny. I don't need to talk trash . . . . the car does it for me.

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That looks hot, I must say it's the best 4 door I've seen and yet it's so simple. I have to get a set of Wat's like that :).

I also love the engine sure hopes mine looks that good. Did I mention I've got a set of Triple Mikuni's on the way :) 44's to be precise.

If I was a multi-millionaire I'd have a huge factory full of cool Nissan/Datsun's :)

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Ahh fantastic!!! :D :D THE toughest 4-door ive seen, 'specially with those 16" wats!! Interestingly, i know a few people who PREFER the look of the sedan, as it is a more balanced shape, at least in their eyes. Their argument stems from there being 'too much meat around the c-pillar of the coupe.' Personally, i reckon both shapes are well executed, the coupe a little more voluptuous...

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Just about any old car that hasnt been hotted up with a nice set of fat mags and a shiney new coat of paint will get called grandma spec.

Meh, who cares. doesnt bother me.

Thats a nice looking 4 door. Seen one like it before.

I read that the 4 door is actually lighter than the coupe because it has the b pillars to strengthen the chassis, and the coupe is pillarless so it has extra strengthening in the chassis to make make up, resulting in more weight.

I also read that the 4 door c110 was made second, and that both the 2 and 4 door are exactly the same lenght / wheelbase.

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Yup, true on both counts! Same length, width and wheelbase - the hardtop is 10mm lower though.

WEIGHT Sedan Hardtop
Manual 1170 1180
Auto 1190 1200

1976 & 1977
WEIGHT Sedan Hardtop
Manual 1200 1210
Auto 1215 1225

This information came from three owner's manuals, so the change in weight may not have occurred in 1976. In fact, it probably changed when the model was updated in 1975.

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