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82 280ZXT P90a with solid lifters


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Just a note to say that I have an L28et with the P90a is a solid lifter configuration. It has been said that these didn't exist or only came from the Japanese market. I don't yet know if I'll hold on to it, sell it complete, break it for parts or move the head and turbo over to my triple Dellorto L24...decisions...decisions. I'm breaking down the whole car so if anyone needs a particular part let me know. I'll be posting bits to eBay shortly.

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I have a set of hydraulic lifters that we are going to modify. It will be an interesting project to convert these lifters. We will have the option of running a solid lifter camshaft if we can master these lifters. I do not see the rationale for the solid lifters if we do not go with a very high performance cam. I think the hydraulic lifters are the answer as long as you keep the lift at .500 or less and do not run a lot of spring pressure. Now if you are racing, that's another story. I like my quiet lifters and no-nonsense camshaft (for now!). I am guessing there is no way to know whether a P90A head is solid or hydraulic out of a yard. You really must pull the valve cover to see what it is running.

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For my use the hydraulic lifters would be fine but I do like the tick of a solid lifter valvetrain. It reminds my of hipo chevy smallblocks I built many years ago. I only posted because I'd read in several post that the P90a head was no often found with solid lifters. I guess that was incorrect.

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