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whiteline front sway bar install


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Hi Guys,

i am slowly trying to get some more content up on my site, i am sick of trying to make the site work through asp, so i am going back to a basic layout for now, and just try to get some content up.

anyways, here is some pics of the whiteline BDF33 install that i did on the weekend, the swaybar is a little thicker than the original, but i am sure it is much stronger.. not too sure on the remaining stock bushes though :(


i also have some picks of the rear swaybar kit and their instructions up


it looks "interesting", might get that one professionally installed when the car is on-road

how does it handle on road? funnily enough.. the swaybar still make the car feel like it is missing some much needed power..

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Good stuff, Kent. Good to see someone is progressing with their project (that's a dig at myself, nobody else here).

In the 2nd last photo, it looks like the D-bush clamp isn't seated against the metal (ie where it bolts down, it looks like there's a gap). Is this the case? If so, then make sure you use a spacer to fill the gap, so that you can bolt the clamp down hard against steel. Otherwise the bolts will break or come loose. If there's not a gap, then ignore my ramblings above:tapemouth

I would recommend replacing the end bushes too. These are a standard generic bush, that would fit most aftermarket swaybars. Replacing these will give you the most benefit from the new sway bar.

The rear one shouldn't be too hard to install (I can't open the link). I think on 1600's, they bolt into the rear control arm in place of the bump stops (ie they use the same holes). Not sure about the 240K, but I guess it would be similar.


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unfortunately it is not moving as fast as i would have liked (it has sat there for lord knows how long!), but i am determined to atleast get the engine in now ,no matter what

I don't remember there being a gap, it may just be the angle of the photo, but thanks, i will double check that.

i have fixed up the link of the rear swaybar, it should now work properly

i didn't have the time to have a look at the rear and where this would mount (i just wanted to get teh front swaybar in incase it affected the install of my engine), i hope it isn't too hard.

i will take teh standard end bushes off again and drop into a suspension place, see if i can get replacement ones

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Hey Kent - looking good! Great to see some more progress on this car. :) One question - how much was it for all that gear?

Ok, two questions. Swaybars keep cars flatter around corners is that correct? I've got some ideas but I'll look less silly if I just ask. How will that affect handling in theory?

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both the front and rear sway bar kit were $213 each with around $22 for shipping from whiteline. i still need to measure the difference in diametre of the 2 bars

the main reason i bought the saybars was to try and iron out any understeering behaviour, and as you say, help keep the car flat (i am still worried the car will behave like a boat :( )

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I too noticed the "gap" on the bushing mount. Did you use the stock brackets? The delron bushings do not 'crush' so they will not mount correctly with the stock brackets. If you put a SPACER under the bracket to keep the bushing in place, it will work just fine. Maybe a piece of 1/8" or 3/16" aluminum with a hole in it would work just fine. If you leave it the way it is, it will crush or crack the bushing and the sway bar will loosen up. Check it out!

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