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Weatherstripping on Ebay


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Has anyone seen this type of weatherstripping for a Z?


Guy claims that it will work better than factory or aftermarket. Of COURSE he's gonna make that claim. Sheesh.

Anyway, I really wonder if it would work. After installing my hatch weatherstripping over the weekend, I could go for something that's GLUELESS! That stuff gets everywhere!


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Huh. How do you suppose it "pushes into place"? Is it adhesive backed or something? Sounds "too good to be true", but who knows- anyone bought it yet? anyone willing to lay down some $$- Mike will let you post a technical article about it, and give a pat on the back i'm sure!LOL

I too am interested, but not 60 bucks worth yet. Jeremiah

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Looks like "universal fit" weatherstripping to me. May have a thin metal strip in the rubber where it then pinch fits to the jamb. Notice it says trimming is necessary? :finger:

May be better off spending a little more and getting something that does fit.;) You could probably buy this stuff at most any good automotive trim shop, probably save a buck or two at the same time.

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