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Finished my Z


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Well after a year and a half at the body shop(my buddy made me a deal, he wouldn't charge me a lot and he would work on it when he had spare time) and back in my garage for two months, I have my early model 1971 240Z all done. It started right up and I drove it around the block. I would like to thank everyone that helped me in my journey. The past two months were all very long days, filled with a job and then putting the car back together. It will be good spending time with my wife and son again. Check out my gallery. I believe the car is beautiful. Happy New Year! Rick.

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Hey Rick,

Congrats on finishing your Zed mate, you must feel rather proud and pleased with your effort.

Checked out your gallery, but there's only pics of a beeeeeautiful orange body shell. How about some pics of the finished article, I'm sure most will be interested to see them.


(No Bill, I'm NOT talking to myself).:devious: :devious:

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Thanks for all the nice words. To clean all the aluminum I used a media blaster then followed up with a scotch bright pad. It is not shiney but it looks stock. When I got my Z it was pretty much unmolested, so all the stock hose clamps are there.

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Rick...the car looks great! Excellent restoration. It's projects like yours that increase my desire to build an early Z back to original stock. I loved 'em then and I love 'em now.

Rick...I have a question. What do you think about using a low lustre /satin finish clear on the the aluminum parts? Would it preserve the look you have acheived and keep it from staining and be easier to maintain? Or would it create other problems ...like yellowing?

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Congrats rick! I'm sure it feels good to have it finished and be able to enjoy it. Now if it would just quit raining here in N Cali, I could fininsh my current project too.

True dat!

Congratulations on finishing your car!

The first weekend after getting my 01/71 started for the first time since 93 it rained, then Christmas came, and it's been raining every day since! :disappointed:

I am so frustrated!

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