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rear hatch defrost.


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i've used a permatex repair kit before successfully, but the breaks must be fairly small. it is not supposed to be used on large gaps. sorry, don't know the exact max gap size.
Small breaks can be repaired, but if large amounts are missing (such as when window tint is removed) it won't do the job. I think the repair paint just restores continuity, it doesn't get warm like the original grid does.
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FSM makes reference to "Conductive Silver Composition" Dupont No. 4817 but you should be able to get a repair kit that will work just as well from JCwhitney at the following url:



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i think arne's right, that's why the gap size is limited. no heat, just continuity to bridge the oem lines.

picked up my kit in NAPA, but most local parts stores should have them. even kmart/walmart.

use a shoplight on the backside of the glass, and then look in from the outside at the grid lines.

inspect each grid line closely and gaps will be evident, or will show as a different color (light brown as opposed to dark) depending on the color of the grid.

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