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Anyone ever refinish seat belt buckles?


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Check out the pictures of my series 1 seat belt buckles. As you can see they are quite worn.

Luckily they function properly but I thought it might be fun to make them look better.

First - does anyone have pix of what a new one looks like and second - any tips on how to repaint or refinish? I've searched for threads and didnt see anything out there.



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I'd be concerned with the 35 y.o. seatbelt webbing first, then the buckles.

The webbing deteriorates from exposure to UV and is probably much weaker than it should be to save your life. Someone ( months ago) posted a link to a company that can recreate the webbing/stitching.

From the looks of the buckles, stripping the old paint and application of a modern, durable paint would really spiff them up.

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While in the process of taking some motorcycle parts to the powder coat shop, I decided to take apart my seatbelts and have buckles powder coated in black. I opted for a satin black finish as opposed to the original gloss black. I’m very happy with the way they came out, and also the fact they have a tougher finish than paint.

In addition, while I had the stuff apart, I decided to wash webbing and re-stitch all the original seat belt tags again. Even the driver’s side lap belt tag was pretty well preserved despite over 30 years of use. When everything was ready to be put back together, I took my seatbelts to a saddle shop in town to have them sewn.


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Good ideas. Does anyone know if these early Z buckles had any sort of stickers on them or were they just black? Was it a flat or glossy black? Both of the original belt tags are totally trashed also. I think I saw a thread somewhere about replacements. Is anyone making replacements?

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What you posted is what you get. They were finished to match the seats.

Do you have a Club Microfiche CD? Go to Section 124-1 get the correct part number there is more then one and order them from Nissan.

Bought my CD in 2001 never been sorry.


70 240z 6/70


Bought my Z at 21 with 34,000 miles thirty years and 157,000 miles ago.

Been driven in every state except Maine

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I was just about to post the Ssnake-Oyl link. Your type of early, lift-buckle style is unobtanium, ddezso. Parts for the buckles themselves are NLA, so be carefull with what you got. From what I can see of your photo, you still have the original finish. The center part was wrinkle black and the buckle body was satin black (semi-gloss). No emblems or labels - just plain. I agree with Montoya and from the looks of your picture, I would say your belts are no longer safe. Ssnake-Oyl will fix you right up. They refurbish everything.

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My experience was sending them what I had and discussing the issue on the phone with them including price after they had a chance to see what they were working with. Not all of my stuff was salvageable. I sent them four sets and got back three. Mine worked out to about $250 per set.

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