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What other Datsuns came with the E12-80 module?


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I'm going to cruise the salvage yards soon, looking for an E12-80 ignition module to replace the E12-93 that was on the '83 ZX engine a PO put in my 240Z. Seems to me that this module came on '79-80 280ZXs, some Maximas and maybe some 210s as well. Any other Datsun models I should look for? Since many of the local yards aren't pick-n-pull, any particular years I should ask for? (Yards around here seem to ask a higher price for Z parts than they do 210 parts.)

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I found one on a 80' B210 and a 80' Maxima. I know where there's a third but I made the mistake of telling the junkyard guy what they're worth so he'll probably want more that what you could find one for. If not and you're desperate, let me know. I think they came on the 79' 810's as well.

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