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Another noob sayin hi


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Ok like the title says

Where to start... well im 24 i have owned my 74 260z since i was 16.. saved her from a junkyard for $300 running drove it for about a year then took her off the road to competly redo sadly alotta bad luck has happend since then and she sat in my yard for the past 5 yrs :cry: but now that im startin to get things straghted out i can finally start on her again

My other cars include a 93 nissan 240sx and a 91 acura integra which i am almost always workin on... i love all things automotive from lowrider`s to monster trucks

I hope to become a reg here and learn alot of things.. I already know that the search button will be my best freind

Here are some pic`s of my cars... sorry for the bad quailty the camera sux

My daily driver


My 240


My datsun sorry about these pic`s its hard to take good ones in my garage




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Guess i forgot to mention that... im planin on bulidin it for the old school look... zg flairs some small but fairly wide rims either long champs, ssr`s, or work type 01 or 03... rebuldin the L26 possable with triple carbs

as for the body just a carbon fiber bre lip, wing and carbon hood

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G'Day Tarl,

Welcome to the club from the blunder from down under. I also have a '74 260Z. Fortunately I had a lot less to do to mine than you obviously have. You've come to the right place though, anything you want to know about Zeds is here for the finding and if you can't find it, just ask, someone will have the answer for you.


:devious: :devious:

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