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???Good Enigne Specs??? Advice Please???


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I am pulling an engine out of the parts car I have in the yard. Knowing I want to rebuild it for street racing (To kill ricers, Mustangs, Camaros ECT) I have come up with a small plan to get what I want. I am looking for some advice from anyone who wants to give it.

Ok my plan starts like this.


L28 block

N42 head

5 Speed trany

For the L28 block I plan on doing a couple of things.

1. Decking the block

2. Flat top pistons

3. Polish underside of the block (supposed to be better oil flow this way)

4. New rod bolts

5. New bearings, seals, oil components, water pump, timing chain ECT.

For the N42 head I want to

1. Port and polish

2. Bigger valves

3. New valve train parts

4. Nice camshaft with good characteristics.

For the camshaft any opinions would really help…

As said before I am building a street racer that will be used quite often.


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From what I have read, I'd consider trying to find a P90 head from a 280ZX turbo instead of the N42. It seems to have a better, more modern combustion chamber design, and still has the "better" square exhaust ports. It might be a better starting point for a project like this.

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Agree with Arne...

Given your goals, however, I would strongly consider keeping your dished pistons and going turbo. Max hi comp L28 (that I've heard of) power is maybe 180 to the wheels before you get to 11:1 or 12:1 and race gas requirements...L28ET is the way to beat the street racers with 25+ year old technology.

Good luck.

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If you read further (check with the race engine builders), I think you'll find that if you plan extensive porting, most experts will star with an E88 and change the combustion chamber and ports. The extensive porting work makes the head you start with less important.

That being said, I would look for a P90 for myself, because I would not want extensive porting. Possibly unshroud the valves to reduce turbulence. The combustion chamber is improved in the latest heads, but not as improved as they can be made by an experienced L28 builder. A good street machine wouldn't need the extensive head work, IMO, but a streetable strip or track car will benefit from more money spent by a quality builder.

I would really like to hear what you decide on a cam and how it works out. I am preparing to go down this road myself except I just want a strong street car. Please share your results and how it works out for ease of starting, tuning, dependability and such. What is your time frame?

My 2 cents, take it or leave it. I am relaying information that has been shared with me. Just want to be clear. I have no personal experience building an L28 yet. But after this winter that should be changed.

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