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Getting our webpage to 'fit' the size of the window...?


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Although I'm a Network Admin, I don't have time to figure this one out....

Annoyingly, and randomly, the forum pages will venture off of the window screen, ie. the words continue past the edge of the right side of the window, making you use the slider at the very bottom of the window...

But other times, the forums auto-adjust to the size of the window they are open in...

Does anyone else have this issue? When building webpages, the page is designed to auto fit or not usually, so I don't know what I could possibly do to my browser to make it fit. I use fully updated IE 6/beta 7...would use Firefox if I found the forums to fit the window.


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I use Firefox 1.0.6 and rarely have a problem. Most of the times the problem arises, there's an oversided picture or link in the thread...something that can't be split apart like a sentence.

Of course, other times, the forums just have a hiccup.

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Ya, oversized images. Though at some stage the "Make a Donation" button down on the left wouldn't load, and thus it just showed the alt text. The alt text was more liek alt paragraph, and thus pushed the whole right cell over. I thought Mike fixed this though.

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It's to do with the images as stated above. If an image is attached to a thread it will cause it to be thrown out of proportion. Using a DIV to contain it and not allow it to oversize is one solution or Mike could set the images in a thread to be thumbnail size or a clickable link.

Yes it's annoying but there's not really an easier way around it. I had a similar problem on my site with www.viczcar.com

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