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WTB 240K Prefer 2 door cash buyer


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Alfadog has a spare 240K 2 Door that he will probably be selling once he gets the bits he needs off it. (gearbox, pedal box clutch etc... he's doing a manaul conversion to his GTR look alike).

Definatley repairable.

Here's the thread about it:


Also there are 3 sedans for sale:


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Hi Mate,

I do have a 240K which i could be convinced to sell for the right price (the only reason i am hanging onto it is so that i have a reference for my other 240k when i have to put it back together)

It is in okay condition, it is an auto 1974 coupe with around 65k on the clock, mechanically it is in very good condition, engine is great (fuel tank needs to be replaced though), road registered etc.. the body is in okay condition.. we were going to use the car in a charity rally, so we installed a roof vent, the LHS front quarter is a little rough (it had a ding that we unprofessionally beat out), and we did a home spray job on it (not too bad except for a few runs)...

i guess it depends what your after teh car for, a rebuild or original etc. i can send you some pics if you send me an address... but again, i am not actively trying to sell the car... but for the right price etc..

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Gerry you wouldn't want my parts car unless it was for bush bashing or a rally car - besides I have already given Mikey from America first dibs on parts. He's taking all glass except windscreen, rear brakes, headlight buckets etc. etc. It's also very rusty, bogged up, and has a smashed in rear end.

By all means you can come and have a look at it but just dont get your hopes up!!

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Not many people want a 240K 4 door, not even 3 for the price of one.

Your ebay ad says $2250 for all three thats makes $750 the price of one.

So you're selling all three for $750 now. You might be able to sell them at that price. Probably have better luck parting them out though.

I wonder if you could sell them back to Japan? Dont think theres many 4 door 240K's over there anymore.

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I would really like to see the 4 door 240K's if they are in a good condition.

And i want a 4 door 240k that is left handed and Manual. (i'll be OK! with a right haneded)

P.S please show me the pictures oof them and the inside of the cars and thanks

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happy to help

now only two cars

both runners both manual gbox both 2.8 litre motors

* one part set up for charity bash/rally it has been stripped of carpets etc has a roll cage, race seat, under body bash plate mags and other stuff

* second car is stock apart from 2.8 motor

neither are perfect

contact me off group leon.down@dcita.gov.au


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