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New Carpet Install Tips


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I have all new carpet on the way (Deluxe Loop Pile kit from Too Intense).

It looks pretty straightforward to swap out carpet but I thought I'd throw the question out there.

Is it as simple as gluing it down or are there other factors to consider? What kind of adhesive would you recommend?

Also - is the carpet in the floor pan area supposed to tuck under the scuff plates? My car is missing the scuff plates but I have purchased new sill and scuff plates to replace once the new carpet is in.

I searched for prior threads on this and didnt see any. Maybe it is too easy and obvious.


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I don't think you glue it down. On the cars I have owned (240Z) the carpet lays on top of the padding. No glue, no nothing, it just lays there. It doesn't get tucked under the scuff plates either, it just lays there. On a 73 that I owned the driverside carpet had 2 snaps built into the front which snapped onto the firewall up under the pedals.

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All you need to do is remove all of the old carpet pieces, and lay in the new carpet pieces. I bought a new carpet set made by ACC. All the edges were bound, similar to the originals. All the sections had padding already attached to the bottom.

My '73 had snaps on both front carpet pieces that fasten the carpet to the firewall. I was able to remove them from the old carpet and install them on the new pieces.

The original front carpet pieces also had slots on the edge that fits under the seat. These slots fit over a pair of tabs welded to the floorpan and kept the carpet from moving around or bunching up under your feet. The new front pieces did not have these slots, but I've never had any trouble with them.

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My carpet had foam padding on the bottom too. I didn't have to glue anything either.

Does your carpet cover the transmission tunnel? If so, you may need to glue there, I don't know.

I stayed classic with the diamond vinyl on the tunnel.

If you need the vinyl piece that goes on the inside rocker, under the scuff plate I have both sides. Brand new.

The same ones they used on the Nissan rennovation Z-cars.

Send me a PM if your interested.


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The new carpet arrived last night and I must tell you, if you haven't refreshed your carpet it makes a major world of difference. The carpet that was in my Z when I bought it appears to have been household carpet hacked roughly into shape and it looked like crap.

Anyway, I have a question. The carpet kit came from Too Intense and it came with 4 round things that must hold the carpet down somehow or somewhere. I have attached a picture. Can anyone tell me where these would go and how to use them? Thanks...


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Those are the snaps that fit on the front of the drivers/passageners pieces that connect the carpet to the firewall to keep it from moving. Look on the firewall and you should see the other half of the snap connected there, if they are still there. To use them locate them on the carpet at the correct location push the points through the carpet, then bend over the points to connect the two halves, snap on the rear of the carpet, attaching ring to the face of the carpet.

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Awesome - thanks.

A couple more questions.

Should my carpet have a provision to attach to the rear hooks? I don't see anything.

Second - I've attached a photo of the pieces that must go under the seats.

I can't figure out which one goes to which side of the car, and which way they are oriented.

Can anyone look at the pic and let me know which carpet pictured goes on which side? Is the current North as pictured to point to the front or rear of the car or neither?



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