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Front transverse link


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Hi guys,

I've replaced the original rubber bushings for my front transverse link with Noltec type bushings, the new Noltecs are self assembled, (you insert metal sleeve inside the bushing)

Looking at diagrams in the service manual, the bushing is offset (should be closer to the front of car than the rear)

My problem is, I've installed 'em so the bushings are in the middle of the link bolt (no offset). In two weeks time I plan to jack the car up and replace the springs, while Im at it, should I reset the link bushings?

Or is it no big deal??


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Sounds like that could affect the castor setting. If there is no fitting problem I'd tend to fit them in whatever way gives more castor. You need to have the wheel alignment checked though, necessary after any relevant suspension work anyway.

Pics would help.

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if Im pulling the suspension apart anyhow I might as well reset the link, I,ll work out correct spacing from diagrams/pictures. I notice a vague feeling in the steering above 110, feels very light, this might help!

Looks like Im replacing my header gasket as well next weekend, went over a nasty driveway last night and heard/felt the exhaust grind :( ,today driving back from Lake Maquarie she was very loud with no power down low, Got home, opened the hood and looked at the blow marks around the header gasket. Will it ever end?

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