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Bondurant Pace Car Restoration


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Has anyone seen this bit of information at Classic Datsun Motorsports? Apparently they did a replica restoration so they could put it in the museum.

Check out the whole story:

In 1999 we completed restoring a former Ontario Motor Speedway Pace Car for Bob Bondurant. The car was built as a replica of one of Bob's school cars back in 1971 and is now on display in his museum at his racing school near Phoenix.


Kudos to the boys at Classic Datsun!! Nice job. (I do realize it was completed in 1999. I just found it on their web site... :D


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So, Mike, what your saying is that you haven't been on the CDM site lately...6 yrs :finger: That car came out real nice and it runs real good. We put a bunch of "fine tuning" miles on it (with Bob's permission, of course) :D

Here are some pics right after it was done:


Not only did we do the 240Z for Bob, but we also did that nice white Roadster sitting next to the Z in his museum.



CDM - GM Emeritus :classic:

Las Vegas


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So let me get this straight....a car with known unique history was "restored" into a replica of another car. How cool ! !

Is this the car? I rode around in it with Les at last year's convention. "comfortable ride and smooth acceleration".


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