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Running real rich? wtf?


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For some reason i think my 78 z is running rich. When im sitting there at idle i can smell raw fuel, and the idle misses and bobbles around. Then when i rev it up to about 2 grand and hold it there i can hear slight backfiring, and pops coming out of the exhaust. Then i let off completely and it pops and burbles back down to idle, only it drops to about 100 rpm and acts like its going to die. what do you think is the problem? Thanks guys

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Sounds like you might have a slight fuel leak somewhere. Open the hood and check all the rubber fuel hoses on the fuel pipes and make sure they are not cracked and leaking. Also check under the car for fuel leaks as well.

This is what I'd check first. Nothing would be worse than to have you and your Z blow up :(

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Yes also sounds like a vacuum leak. You could also have leaky injectors get them pressure tested.

Best way to check for a rich condition is your spark plugs pull them out and if there thick black coated you know it's running too rich.

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