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Z car comparison in Classic Motorsports


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Holy crap, Classic Motorsports new issue has an article on the 1970 era of sportscars.

TR6, Volvo, MGB, 240Z etc.

They screwed up and put a picture of the TR6 engine compartment on the parge with the 240Z. Cars were similar in color.

Oh. I think I'm gonna die here. oh...oh...oh

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Heads up all kinds of people here! July issue #115 - Classic Motorports. Not only the road test comparison between the 240Z, TR6, MGB, 914, and Volvo 142S but....

Shelby's Toyotas: A Look Back at the Historic 2000GTs

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I'll post another thread to get this in front of everyone again. This issue contains all kinds of other good reading. How many times do I hear questions about changing U-joints? Great "how to" article. How about skim coat filler body work? There is a nice conversation with Barry Mequire - wax and polish mogul. This is a keeper issue and a Z is on the cover. A yellow Z!

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Buy a subscription already.

This used to be British Car, and Tim has taken it over and now focuses on the full range of vintage (sports) cars, to include vintage/historic racing.

If your a "car guy" then this is another mag you should get. Even if they do F&*(K up a spread on the 240Z with a TR picture. aaaaaaaah I'm gonna have a big one Elizabeth!

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Listen ya big dummy, Listen, when Grady took over the magazine, He never said he was an expert on keeping track of details, You know Grady, I'll go lock Ester in his office, that'll keep him on the details, and he out of our house...

"How can I be sure...."


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