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Low Oil Pressure


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I have an L28 which has recently been rebuilt (1000klicks ago) and have noticed lately that the oil pressure gauge is showing lower than where it normally resides on the gauge when the motor was first installed.

It is just reading about 1/4 on the standard oil pressure gauge which has made me check the oil on several occassions. This is fine and the oil is only 400k's old and I am running a 20-50W Pennzoil.

I suppose what I am looking for are any hints that there is nothing seriously wrong inside. :ermm:



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Datsun oil pressure sending units are notorious for working erratic. My daily driver (81 ZX) sometimes reads 30 psi and other times reads 70psi. And like you I've checked the oil several times to find out that it is just fine. I no longer pay any attention to the guage as long as it reads some pressure.

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That may be true, but when the sending unit is bad I replace it. It's not the only thing that can cause a low pressure reading. I've replaced one in eight years on the Z and never on the 810 so I'm not really certain that they are inherently erratic.

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