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Display Quality 240Z Photo


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I'm a newbie on this site but a charter member of a couple of 350Z sites.I have a great project going for the SEMICON West tradeshow in San Francisco. I have gotten Nissan to provide a 35th anniversary edition of the 350Z for display at the show. I want to make a display board that shows the evolution of electronics from the 240Z to the 350Z. I need a display quality photo of a stock 240Z. 3/4 side shot from the front would work best. It has to be high resolution -at least 300 dpi - Have searched this site and all of the Nissan NA sites. Lots of great pictures but nothing quite works. I will be glad to give credit for the photo on the display board

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If mine is out of the paint shop in time, I'll send one to you, but I only have a few days before leaving on a month long trip. If the weather gods stay cool, I should be able to send you a 3 MGPXL photo of a nicely redone '70 240Z.

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Thanks for the suggestion. The picture of the orange 240Z in the Wallpaper section is the best 240 photo I've seen. The original is on the Nissannews.com site. I have contacted them for permission to crop the photo and use it in the display.

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240Z's didnt have electronics, they had electrics.

Everything was analouge.

Except for the radio ...

I don't know about the early AM-only unit but the AM/FM made by Hitachi has transistors and even has a single integrated circuit.

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