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Rear hatch weatherstrip install ?


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I was looking the '71 240Z over last night and I noticed the PO bought a new upper hatch weather strip but didn't install it. I took a look at installing it last night. Must the hatch be removed to install this piece? I could not seem to get it to fit under the hatch hinges....

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are you talking about the hatch glass weatherstripping, inner seal, or upper outer seals around the opening?

i just replaced mine (as EVERYBODY on the site probably knows from my postings:classic:).

i found it much easier to remove hatch for all, since you're only talking about 4 screws(hinges) and 2 bolts(support rod).

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I just put weather seals on my '71 Z hatch. I removed the hatch and took the old seal out. After cleaning the surfaces, I put the new weatherstripping in place. It was a piece of cake W/O the hatch in place. I took the hatch off by myself to have the car painted. It was a [email protected]+h! Get some help. I had my lovely wife help me put it back on with new paint on the car. No scratches!

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