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Can't figure this out; How in the world do you install interior, rear view mirror?


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this is tougher than a Rubik's cube!

So I got a new mirror, and I went to install it, but the installation screws are covered by the mount itself.

So I can't figure out how to screw the mirror in without some kind of magic tool that can install it right through the piece of solid metal!

Any help out there? I can't figure this out.


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Insert the metal clip at the back of the mirror's base (the side closest to the driver), then with a quick thump of either your palm or a small rubber mallet, smack the front half (the side closest to the windshield). Presto!

To remove the mirror, you grasp the mirror body and the stem, then a SHORT jerk down. You CAN break it, but not if it's a short tug. i.e. don't RIP it off the ceiling, just fast tug.

Hope this explains it.


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