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shorter sterring knuckles


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I had them on a Z that I owned in the past. Had zero problems with them. They will quicken your steering a good bit, so if you do something like autocrossing (a lot of rapid and hard cornering) you can scrubb the tires more than with normal steering knuckles and wear the tires quicker, but that's about all I experienced.

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I don't know what stock is but mine is now about 2.5 turns from lock to lock, it might be harder to turn but you don't have to turn so much to get to the same place...

12-27-2004 04:14 AM

Interesting question:

What is stock and how many different types of "shorter" arms are available?

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There was only one shorter type available in the USA, 10 mm shorter. As least that is the only one listed in the Datsun Competition catalog that I have.

As far as differences, according to the Haynes manuals, stock is 2.7 turns lock to lock. I seem to recall that the Datsun Competition catalog that I ordered from indicated the short steering arms changed that to 2.4 turns lock to lock. I'll have to double check that.

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The Nismo quick steering knuckles can be bought through MSA or NISMO USA. I believe the ones from MSA are the Nissan ones as well, but either way, they are excellent quality. From my understanding, the shorter steering knuckles (10mm to be exact like Carl said) that we are talking about here were standard on the Z432-R.


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