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'78 280Z OEM air filter housing?

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Dang. That's alot of info. I am surprised no one has done this for the 240-280Z's engine bay. You know engine block, air box etc. I am sure the knowledge is here. I just haven't found it in one spot.

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Did some searching on some of the other Z websites and found a "Dupont" brand Mix-Your-Own-Paint formula. Hope it helps...


Subject: Z engine paint (Turquoise)

(TURQUOISE) engine paint used on early Zs.

Find a Dupont Dealer and ask them to mix up a quart (5 or more engines) [or split it in half for a pint] of Dupont "Chroma 1" paint. Be sure and buy the "Chroma 1" catalyst and reducer also.

Tinting guide mix size

806J HS BLACK 177.2

801J HS WHITE 290.0

828J HS FAST BLUE 373.8

830J HS FAST GREEN 444.4

702OG BINDER 844.0

7030G BALANCER 960.4

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I have a 260z 2+2 air cleaner the same blue as what you discribe and was going to use Dupli-Color DSFM257 Spinnaker Blue but, it didn't look to be a close enough match after I sprayed a sample.

Gee's photo gallery has a pic titled My brother's 260z 2+2 with a good picture of the air cleaner and the blue used.

Anyone know what the decal might of been?

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