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I have a 1972 240Z, am running a stock exhaust

system on this. It's time for a replacement ! I

don't want a custom exhaust , I want a simple stock.

I have been everywhere, Midas, Monroe, NAPA,

Autozone, to mention a few. It's always the same

reply " no longer available " .

Does anyone know of any suppliers that still

cary them ? :sick:

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You might want to check our archives before deciding on a pre-made system from MSA. Many people have reported fitment problems with those systems.

The system linked above doesn't have provision for the factory pre-muffler, so it doesn't really come close to a stock OEM system.

A local quality muffler shop should be able to bend up a simple exhaust system using your stock one at a guide/pattern.

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I've got that system from MSA. Fitment wasn't too bad, I did have some problems getting it away from the diff. One of the bends actually sits on the edge of my diff. I also had some problems with the muffler, but that's only because I have some body damage right there.

If you're looking for stock, this system is not even close to it. It's a 2 1/2" piping that removes the pre-muffler and straightens out the whole system some. It's great for performance and gives it a nice sound, but it's not close to stock.

I think Victoria Brittish used to carry a stock replacement exhaust system that was from the exhause flange on the manifold to the rear muffler. You might want to check there.

If you're anywhere near Los Angeles and you want to meet up I can show you my setup, although I'm running through the MSA headers also.


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Your best bet is to go back to midas or another muffler shop and to have them replace your stock exhaust with the same diameter pipe and a quality muffler. Get the aluminized steel it will last a lot longer.

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Thanks Ed

Midas told me he didn't have bipe benders to bend pipe that small, but he could bend larger pipe and and flange them down to fit. The real problem was the muffler, he

couldn't find one small enough to fit in the compartment where the stock muffler fits.

I found a muffler at Advance Auto Parts ( available on line only ) $26.99. Looks like

my only option at this point.

I have ordered a Victoria British catalog, today, but can,t find anything online !

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John, You should tell us where you are. I'm sure Almost everyone here knows where a good pipe bender is that could make you a stock set up. If your in Los Angeles, I'm tripping over 2 usable stock systems - They were WAY too quiet for my sports car! Hate to throw them out.

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