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vented or non vented toyota caliper ?


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Hello to all,

my plan is to upgrade my front caliper. Only which one should I order for street use ? I use allready the biggest brake booster.

Is it possible to use the vented caliper with standard non vented disk ?. Than I will be open for the future. If not, I would go for the non vented caliper's.

Thanks for you feedback in advance.



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You should be able to find the information to my knowledge it's a direct bolt on of coure if your using new pads and calipers I would recommend machining the originals.

You will require a wheel size of at least 14" I believe or could be 15". There is also some issues with the dust shield , I don't know why you can't find the information though.....

It has been discussed quite a few times...

Maybe try fewer strings like 4X4 or Toyota or 4 pot calipers

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It is very simple.

If you want to keep your standard disks you will need the S12, these you bold direct onto.

If you like the vented disks (first 300zx) you will need the S12 W…. ‘w of wide’, with these you will need a spacer.

If you like the last set I can inform about a price.

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Thanks for all your help so far.

This was allready clear, but still I don't know, if the wide calliper will work with the standard disc too ? Due to the stroke of the piston I guess it will work only with new pads. Or?

When I buy the small one, I have no chance to upgrade them in the future. And selling them again here in europe, will be hard.

Guus, send me a PM about the price.



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I think Z-point answered your question. Otherwise you'd be using a set of calipers in a way they weren't intended. Not too smart with brakes. But hey if you want to be the first to try it go for it. If you survive let us know how it worked out!

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