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Intake manifolds

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the rumor has it that you will gain 10 HP with the 36 However I have been watching for years and have not seen any one come up with proof. I would like to see the dyno numbers to back up the claim . It was supposed to only make the difference at the top end at redline. Since I have too much respect for my engine and my car , I just forgot the whole Issue. If it did what the rumor says , it wouldent make any difference to me any way. 30+ year old engine , + red line = gernade. There was a stack of them at the bone yard , I passed.

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Keith Thomas who was Crewchief for Chet Wittel's ITS Z-car which won the National Championship several years in a row posted on the IZCC mail lis that he had not been able to extract anymore horsepower with thN36 than any other intake manifold.

Sorry, can't find his post on this subject. I'll keep looking for it and post if I do find it.

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