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Rol Cage Design... Anyone Help Me?

David McMillan

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Look in our gallery in the Racing gallery, you should find numerous pics of cages in our members cars as well as others.


One of our members builds cages and could probably help, his username is "hmsports"

Or, you could buy one that is already to weld in such as one from Kirk Racing Products.

Everyone has different cage designs, so finding what suits you is a matter of taste as well as budget.

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Thanks for the link...

Im only planning to solo II the car, Although not even necessary, A cage is obviously a good idea, but im trying to keep it light, with enough structure to stiffen the car a bit..

I'd normally design this thing myself, since this is what I do, but I wanted to get some discussion going on people's experiences with specific designs.

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Well, if it's only Solo, you could always just use a roll bar from Kirk or Autopower and bolt that in and then add to it later....

As far as I know, Kirk will build you whatever you want and their prices are quite reasonable.

Don't know if their is anyone similar in Canada, but there has to be someone somewhere that will do custom cage work and build you what you want once you decide on how much structure you need.

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Here's the proposed design for my new E-Production cage. It is already changing some but mostly it will be like this:

E-Prod Cage Design

Here's the main hoop with rear bracing drawn in:

Main Hoop

Here are some pictures of a cage I designed and built for an ITA Honda:

ITA Honda Cage

I will be happy to offer design advice and answer any questions you have.


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That E-Prod looks pretty beefy. Is that design based on certain class standards?

How much does that weigh?

The honda cage looks pretty good though

I can find good tie-in points on the frame members and strut towers in the rear, Anybody have a good suggestion for good tie-in points in the front?

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The E-Prod cage was designed for chasis stiffness and safety. I've been involved in two major accidents and my cages didn't incur any damage -- nor did I.

The NASCAR bars on the passenger side will be replaced by an X bar. The tripple vertical bars within the driver's NASCAR bar will not extend to the sill.

The bars that extend to the front struts are there to triangulate and eliminate chasis flex.

The cage will use close to 100 feet of tubing. I'm using 1.5" by 0.120" wall DOM tubing. It weighs about 1.5# per foot.

As far as tie-in points up front, it is best to weld the mounting plate to the floor and bend it to extend up and weld it to the inner rocker.

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Here are a couple pics of mine, most of it built by Rick of Rebello racing,



and here is Tom Holts FP Z which was originally in Andy Craig’s national champion FP car. He transfered the cage to his new car after the old one went to Z heaven.


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