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DIY Home Hot Tank


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I saw on a DIY show once where a guy took a big Rubbermaid tote filled it with water and some toilet bowl cleaner. He dipped some greasy old parts that had paint on them and after awhile the parts came out surprisingly clean. Just becareful with aluminum parts. The toilet cleaner was some kind of crystal powder he mixed in with hot water from the tap. Seemed to work pretty good. Cant remember the name of the cleaner.


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Originally posted by TomoHawk

You sure that wasan't some kind of crystal DRAIN-O? That stuff is supposed to be really caustic, I think.

I think you might be right on that. The dude on the show said its really caustic and he wore heavy duty rubber gloves. Whichever it was it worked really good on the old MG parts he was cleaning.


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Go to NAPA and buy a couple of gallons of Mac's 6401 carb cleaner, stuff will eat paint off and anything else! Wear rubber gloves and safety goggles!!

Get a pan deep enough and put your parts in, cover with the cleaner and let soak for a couple of hours or so, rinse and they are clean.

I filter it back into the can using milk filters (available at your local tractor supply) and a funnel, stuff will last for ever.

Remember though it is nasty stuff, peels skin!!

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