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lost keys.


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well my resto was just getting started good when my 10 year old brother was playing in it while i was under the back checking brake lines.(need new ones)

anyway he locked the doors.my tools my cell and me wallet are in the car.(along with my moms keys to her car:tapemouth)and i dont have the keys they didnt come with the car. can anyone tell me if nissan can still make a set i realy need to get back in LOL.

ps> for future reference little brothers wont play in car anymore ROFL

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Have you checked the hatch? It may be that that one was left unlocked, if so stuff lil bro into the car and have him unlock it.

Aside from that, unless you know how to use a jimmy bar and are familiar with the location of the lock rods inside the door, then you're better off contacting a locksmith and sticking lil bro with the cost.

Either he pays up with his allowance or you take a pound of flesh have him choose.

Enrique Scanlon

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or you take a pound of flesh

Hooray for Shakespearean references!

On that note, I just know I'll forget to lock the hatch one day and come back to a stolen stereo =/ That is, if this car ever makes it out of the garage!

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