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WTB: cowl panel for 240


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Hi everyone-

i need a rustfree cowl panel- the metal panel between the hood & windshield, the wipers mount through. Going on my 73, but i *think* any 70-78 will fit.

If you have one it good shape, and are willing to ship to NY, (or are near), let me know. ThankZ


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I'm picking up a 72 for parts as soon as this weather breaks. I was supposed to go get it today. Anyway I think the cowl is the only body part that is not rusted. Don't wait on me if you need one asap. I'll let you know when I get it.


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Holy crap!

this place astounds me:classic:

Rick has me all set in spades, thanks to all for your consideration.

The reason i need the cowl goes back to my Roadster post,- time to get to work on the 73 for my wife:love: It's the easiest thing i could think of to replace to get me "in the groove". Next i'll pull the fenders...

So, next question- both front fenders have rust holes in the lower rears. I already own the metal patches to weld in (from Tweeks, WAY back when). Also own a set of fiberglass fenders from Arizona Zcar.

What would you each suggest as far as replacing/repairing? I figured metal would be best, but the glass is light and a basic bolt-on:ermm:

Car will be a summer fun driver, not for show or race. it may still get that V8 if i have my way though:D

what to do, what to do??

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Hey, I got the car tonight. It's condition :cry: . But there are quite a few goodies:classic: I'll post the parts in the for sale forum tomorrow. Anyway the cowl looks to be rust free. I'll trade you for those fiberglass fenders (jk :classic: ) There is a dent on it that doesn't look to bad. If your ever in the area you can swing by and take a look.

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Originally posted by AxtellZ

"just in case"??!!

Don't think such a thing!

Unless you mean, "just in case" you get another Z car...

But surely not, "just in case of an accident.."

I try not to think of it but you just never know what that other driver on the road will do.

Hey! If you don't use the glass fenders I would be interested in them also if in good condition. I supose this makes me #2 in line for them. :classic: If my number comes up please shoot me an email or PM.

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