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1972 240Z value question?


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Hi gang,

I'm new here and was not even aware that this group existed until today. Needless to say I'm thrilled to have discovered it!

I'm from Victoria, BC, Canada and I've joined because my wife has a 1972 240Z she has had for the past 27 years. She is the third owner of the car and has had it since she was 15. You do the math! ;) Her older brother owned it for a year before her and then sold it to her. I think he bought it used from a dealer.

Anyway, she drove it until about 10 years ago and then we parked it with the intention of sometime doing a complete restoration on it. Well, it's not going to happen as we have neither the time or money to do it, so we are now planning on selling it. The question is: we have no idea what it's worth or how we should price it.

I would judge the car to be in fair to good condition, however, you experts might have a different opinion. And it's that opinion I would truly appreciate. Here are the details:

-1972 240Z (pic attached)

-Car is brown w/good paint. Original colour was orange

-off-white interior w/white leather seats that are cracked and need replacing

-needs new carpeting and floor pans on both sides due to rust

-86K miles on original motor—runs great!

-new head gasket w/150 psi on every cylinder

-recently added low-milage 280Z automatic turbo transmission

-minor frame bend behind right-front wheel (needs straightening)

-shot or broken right-rear strut

-minor rust on rocker panels

-good brakes and rubber

-needs new windshield gasket

I don't think there are any other problems. Over the years the car

has been in 4 or 5 MINOR accidents resulting in a new hood and front fenders. One accident caused the frame damage but was initially missed during accident claim.

I realize that the car sounds like a wreck, but in 2000, I drove it on a 300 mile road trip (as is) and it ran great and handled well. IMHO, it's a great, reliable little car that needs a little work and TLC to become an excellent little car. Please let me know what you all think will ya? Thanks.

AdMan :)


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Without being able to see the actual damage and rust in the car it's kinda hard to put an estimate on it. I would say anywhere from $1500 up to $2500 (US funds), depending on the severity of the rust. It looks like a very original car from the outside so that is a big plus. It could go higher, it's just hard to judge from one picture. Hope I don't offend you with my guesstimate, but from a distance it looks great, it's how it looks under close inspection that will determine it's actual value.

A lot of it will depend on who is making the offer, it is possible it could go for a lot higher than my guess. Sorry, with only one picture I'm merely guessing.

If it were a 70 or 71 it would have a little more value as the production figures for the 72 and later cars is much higher than the earlier ones.

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Probably not what you'll want to hear, but from the description i would guess 1 or 2000US$. In comparable shape i have seen a range of $600 to about 3000, depending on want/need, supply/demand.

The real problem is the rust and frame damage- likely many collectors or restorers will pass on such a vehicle. With the interior needing alot as well, the value drops quickly.

You have to realize that a car in very good to excellent condition will be 4 to 6K, and from your description, it could easily take that much of an investment in yours in addition to the purchase price- just to end up with a car that will still be worth 4 to 6K.:(

Hope i don't offend or disappoint you, just trying to be a realist..i am beginning to learn from my first money pit (wife's name for it)

Good luck, maybe someone else has a differing opinion. JA

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Thanks guys!:) And no, I'm not disappointed or surprised. I had thought that we should ask about $1500US for it and do realize that it will cost a few bucks to fully restore it. I estimated restoration costs of about $1000 US if you can do much of the work yourself and about $2000 US if not. But I could be wrong.

Anyway, you've both given me a fairly good range and I appreciate it. I think I'll ask $1,700US for it and see what happens. But I think I'll take $1,500 US if it's offered.

Thanks again!:)


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If it looks good and runs well, I'd set the asking price at $2,000 instead of $1,700 to get more bargaining room. The biggest "questions" will probably be the extent of the floorpan rust and frame damage. The other "dings" should be easily taken care of by most any Z "enthusiast".

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