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Entry 4 Interior Removal

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Back at it this past weekend after some much needed vacation!  I removed the rear bumper, fuel expansion tank, and the interior.  I had some help from my better half.  We spent about 4 hours Saturday and 5 hours on Sunday.  I started with the rear bumper.  The original bumper has hole in the middle of the top, from what I presume was a hitch. The back side of the bumper has a good bit of rust.  These two issues probably add up to a new bumper. Ouch!

Next was removal of the fuel expansion tank and the fuel filler neck.  The neck came out easy enough, but the filler neck was was not so easy.  The flange at the top of the neck needed to be folded in so it would pass down through the hole in the body.  The neck was badly damaged, no doubt contributing to the fuel smell when driving. 

Then we removed the interior, which was straight forward and has begun to reveal the extent of floorpan rust.  The passenger side is worse, with complete rust-through just behind the rear most seat support, about one inch by four.  I have about 75% of the floor insulation off and it appears it was good at holding moisture.  As the plastic interior panels were removed, most broke since they have become so fragile with age.  

Next week I will remove the front and rear suspension and get unibody mounted to a rotisserie so I can get a good look at the underside and rails.  Thanks for reading.  









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