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Need help identify missing part

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Hello!  I am Nearing completion of a restoration (final phase is interior renewal/replacement of original finishing panels) for my 1977 280.  I need help identifying missing part for space "cut out" .  This empty space is above drivers side lower finishing panel (above hood release and vent Knob) and below dash.  There is a threaded attaching spot in the middle of this open area on the metal behind dash/panel .  My car has factory A/C if that matters?  I will try to send picture attachment to clarify mystery space🙄  If it would be better to post this question in another forum, please let me know...I'm trying to access a 280Z (1977?) "resident guru" 🙏     Any help...please e-mail me directly at:

dbparker54@yahoo.com.   This is the final step in a long (Very Long) restoration so I'd like o solve this mystery and call it done🍻

Thank you for any mystery solution!   Doug Parker.  PackerZ

I will send photo from my I phone in separate post...damn technology 😏


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Mine has the same open space as your's. Looks like you need a dash bolt is all.

Early '77 with factory air. everything is stock but the radio. Oh yeah, now I see the alarm that's not stock.


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The only thing missing is one of your dash retaining bolts.

There was never anything installed in that "empty spot", It's simply a recessed area for one of the mounting bolts that holds the dash in place. There is supposed to be a bolt in the threaded hole that helps hold the dash. Yours is missing.

If I had to guess, they may have used that location on earlier years to attach the hood release and vent control. But then they put in the lower valence panel and I think they changed how the vent and hood release are attached.

Anyway, the only thing you are missing is a bolt.

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Thank you for your reply to my posting.  I truthfully do not remember this open space originally but I cannot figure out what could have gone there it was over a year before I started this project.  I should have taken pictures to refer back to...I never dreamed I wouldn't put this all back together SO much sooner and just put all the nuts, screws and panels/parts in a box marked "interior"🙄  It just seems so odd that this space would have been left open from the factory...but then again, I don't have anything in my "interior box" left over.  Still a mystery if it was (what) or never was to begin with and try to ignore...  so many mysteries were found , and had to be solved, during this "project".  Thank you again for responding!!!     Doug

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