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So there was a discussion recently here.

About non-defrost glass as being fitted to early 240z's delivered in the US (maybe 1969 dated cars?) but interestingly Nissan gave all HS30's delivered to Australia no defrost options (or it was an option but I've not seen any 240z's in Australia with this glass) up until the 1974 260z which didn't get the sexy vertical defrost glass, instead they got the horizontal lined glass.

Anyway this was tough to photograph in the dark of a garage but this is the glass out of HS30 00150 a 1970 delivered HS30. As you can see it has the stamp M-214. 

The early US cars with clear glass (and no defrost) have the code M-214 and later cars with tinted glass (and defrost) have the code M-224 according to MikeB in the other thread.

Personally I've always liked the vertical defrost glass look.



The orange on the right is from an old sticker / emblem.


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This is the hatch glass from HLS30-00032.  Note that the door glass and quarter window glass are also labeled M-214 for the clear glass (no tint) and the windshield is M-34G.  Gav, what numbers are etched on the other glass in Australian market cars?





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These are photos of the markings on my 5/72 with tinted glass for comparison.





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I only have the 1/4 window and passenger window ones available. I'll have to check the others later on. Good chance Windscreen is not original and I don't have my late 71 240z handy to check what markings are on it. But will take note later when I'm back in Melbourne.



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I know we are talking about HS30s and I know that this subject is discussed somewhere in the archives.  Just thought I would share some specific HLS30 info again about the clear glass, vertical de-mister glass, and horizontal de-mister glass.

Technical Bulletin # TS72-29, published 11 April 1972, states that HLS30-01455 was the last car produced with clear glass.  Vertical de-mister lined glass was installed up to HLS30-062001.  The May 1970 Service Bulletin, Vol. 125, discusses the vertical de-mister on page 45.

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