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  1. I am not aware of slotted rotors cracking unlike the cross-drilled ones. Those don't make any sense in regards to cooling as the brake pads block any hot gases whereas the slotted ones allow those gases to escape. I currently run slotted vented rotors on the race car but I had them cryo and REM treated so they aren't stock. A mostly stock Z doesn't need vented, slotted or cross-drilled, just a nice set of pads.
  2. Every Z owners fantasy.....a working Clock

    I ended up putting a 280 clock with a 240 face plate and bezel in my 72. Keeps time within a minute or less over a full year.
  3. There was a factory Datsun race team in the USA? Who knew?
  4. SW/12 with no slots or holes rotors. Those I had cyro and REM treated.
  5. If you are keeping the drums you can install a prop valve as long as you remove the stock one. You could also consider upgrading your shoe compound (Carbotech is a good source or Porterfield). Not a fan of cross-drilled rotors as the hot gas is trapped by the pads on both sides of the caliper. Slotted rotors solve this issue by having slots longer than the pads themselves. I have run the vented rotors with the S12-W Toyo calipers and drums for nearly 10 years on the 240 race car with good results. I moved to rear discs to get great results (jury is out on that until the car sees a track)
  6. Restoring the undercarriage.

    I agree that the only way to tell is to remove the flywheel. For all the posts about a main seal leak I wonder how many turn out to be a leak from the oil pan gasket. Wind will push any oil leak towards the tranny so a quick check should include a "smell" test to determine if it is engine or gear oil followed by a tightening of the pan bolts if needed. Wonderful work by the way, just great.
  7. Restoring the undercarriage.

    Lead based paints, grease and of course gasoline was banned in the ,ate 1970s due to its' real potential to cause serious brain damage, especially in children. Lead pipes in the USA were still allowed into the early 19080s and lead in plumbing solder not banned until 1986. Production of lead itself was a primary concern for people downstream. We found high levels of lead in a public playground sandbox miles from a lead smelter. It can be ingested, inhaled and absorbed into the body. It has been theorized that lead pipes, paint, cosmetics with lead along with cooking pans and plates caused the Romans and later civilizations right up to the 20th Century to not develop into their full potential. It will not make you glow in the dark however. That requires something with a half-life or a biological phosphorescence but jaundice is a pretty good third choice.
  8. Restoring the undercarriage.

    Extremely nice work! I might have to look into the cost of shipping my 240 to you. I hope you wore chemical resistant gloves and a mask when you took apart the half-shafts as they contain toxic chemicals (lead primarily).
  9. How many threads on coilover to be safe?

    And I keep throwing you softballs in the hopes you will hit at least one out of the park.....
  10. How many threads on coilover to be safe?

    -return those springs get longer ones. Problem solved in five words. Where's Captain Obvious when you need him?
  11. Brake upgrade

  12. BRE Anti Roll Bar Kit

    I found these today looking for something else...
  13. The GTU car was the one Bob Sharp picked when I asked of all his cars if he only could drive one which would it be. The rear tires sit on 15 inch rims which was allowed after the Porsche teams requested a rule change. That change was reversed after Bob won the Championship. For vintage events I am required to run 7 inch wide rims but for "fun" events I run 10s in the rear and on slicks not treaded tires. The lap times vary depending on distance covered but I picked up 5 seconds at The Glen on a test & tune day based on using just 10 inch wide rears. With 15s instead it would not be hard to imagine that I could take corners with more entry speed and hook up quicker coming out.
  14. Triple Mikuni thread

    It idles quite nicely, big cam, twin trumpets, a rich rumble. There are two issues. It doesn't generate enough vacuum, so the first fix was an electric vac pump for a year and then last winter Wilwood pedals with MCs which cured that issue and two, idling or just driving back in to the garage from the track will leave a nice deposit on the plugs and top of the pistons. After a run at WOT here's the color of the exhaust...
  15. BRE Anti Roll Bar Kit

    Suspension Techniques