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  1. Come on! Maybe two cans of compound, a buffer and that car will be ready to roll.
  2. I believe the folks in Colorado are higher...but I agree that elevation data would be useful. Owner of three sets of Mikuni/Solex (two 44 and a 40). Both 44mm are race prepped with one of the two a set from the #33 BSR that has been heavily modified (no inner venture just a brazed in bend tube spitting gas through an 3/16th hole which translates in a simple truth - never lift)
  3. Granny - are those impacts? That was my idea as they're softer. I was going to weld two pipes to the socket for leverage. The issue really is holding the strut in position. I used two 4x4s lag bolted together with holes drilled for the 4 lugs to sit in and then clamped the whole thing to my workbench.
  4. Better. A rule of thumb regarding driver ID: blue on bottom - Paul, blue on top - Bob (who by the time this photo was taken had stopped racing)
  5. What does a competition oil pan gasket look like?
  6. Nice....I have a dozen or more shocks to remove.
  7. So the first thread is from 2013 which would be 11 years after I talked to John. The second I never saw. Point taken, however.
  8. As much as I like and respect Jon, there isn't a 5-gal container of Swepco in my garage because he recommended it but rather because John did and it's what I have been using for over 14 years regardless of Old Rusty's synco failure. I can even tell you what I was doing (cleaning parts) and where I was standing (work bench in my garage) when we had that phone conversation. And yes, my wife who doesn't remember things thinks my ability to do so isn't always helpful in our marriage does uderstand it comes in handy when I'm asked to testify about an investigation that took place years ago. The 240 street tranny hasn't been rebuilt in 15 years and the race car is now on it's 5th year and it would have been longer if not for a shift into 1st instead of 3rd. So synco issues were not the cause of the rebuild. But folks should use whatever floats their respective boats.
  9. Any Datsun/Nissan tranny (1970-83) normally used in an S30 weren't made to use new style gear oil which is why Redline M/T or Swepco & ATF is often recommended (the late John Coffey said either was what he used). Several places sell it such as - http://www.paragon-products.com/Swepco-201-Transmission-Fluid-p/swepco-201.htm Grinding could be a clutch fork or slave issue if it's just one gear change but a synco can't be ruled out. As to getting the filler and drain plugs loose, the drain is the easiest with a 1/2-inch breaker bar and a short section of pipe for leverage while the filler plug seems to resist just about anything you throw at it. With the car on jack stands I use a small Sears jack that has a cup which hold a 17mm wrench within the cup and the other end on the plug. Jacking up the wrench usually does the trick. Now filling can be an issue especially if you are under the car pumping away waiting for gear oil to spill out. Instead I fill from the top using just the right amount of gear oil which I measure out before starting.
  10. I like all your ideas and I have seen hundreds of those bats up close and personal. If someone is looking for an early ash tray, I think I have two or three somewhere.
  11. My all time favorite for a Lemons race car theme - the knights who say NEE-San. Let me know what type of shrubbery I should bring....
  12. As Mr. Hendrix asked "are you experienced" I know I am. In my experience they don't so much as melt but rather are consumed (read eaten) by an angry beast looking for fuel. Metal can serve as a fuel for just a limited amount of time before really bad things happen. I have twin pumps that are plumbed to separate duckbill pickups in the left and right corners of the fuel cell which in turn connect to the filter and then to the engine bay (second filter). If one pump fails, the other will get me through unless I lose it on a very banked NASCAR track (an unlikely event). Holley makes a flat screen pillow pickup that covers most of the bottom of a cell. When it's time to replace the foam/bladder I might go in that direction.
  13. I have run a concentric aluminum bushing and drilled a hole for a zerk fitting on the race car for four years. I really like the look of those bushings.
  14. I have the beginning of a plan and I would need someone that speaks "local". This gentleman is a true hoarder and the odds of breaking the bonds of his ownership are against us. More later....
  15. I have build three R180s in the last year, two for my car and one for a friend. Once you have a diff (R180 or 200) in the ratio that works for your set-up go buy a Quaife or an OBX, new bearings and seals. The last two items you're going to buy anyway with whatever diff you get unless it was recently rebuilt. Might I suggest that since you are new to all this that you spend time reading and thinking about what you want your Z to be when it is done (they are actually never done but assume they are for now) and then decide how you are going to pay for all this.