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  1. The BSR team approach was to enter sprint and short duration races. You got the same number of points for winning a 12 hour endurance race as say a 30-60 minute race but the car set up (structurally) was different enough that by the end of the year drivers were beat up in the firmer and more rigid Porsches which were required to run all the race venues. I suspect that a different approach in how the cars were built would have resulted in more wins for Porsche.
  2. Summit Point Jefferson 500
  3. We run the Arizona Z Car flywheel in the 240 race car. It's got a ton of hard miles over the last three years without a hint of problems.
  4. My $.02 worth - rebuild the NA ZX tranny. The T5 is heavier and notchy. You'll need to get an aftermarket shift kit to make it feel smoother. I've had several ZX trannies in both my street and race 240Z with no issues unless you count operator error.
  5. Depending on the linkage a little grease might be needed in the cups/ball connectors. Could be worse and have it stay wide open...
  6. Or a 2.6 bored out 10 or 20 over
  7. Nicely staged and I haven't a clue but back in the day the driver would be told not to ever load luggage that way again. Even driving with your elbow out the window was considered a no-no.
  8. Well Done!!
  9. Marking them also helps for the next time you're under the car....
  10. It's not easy being green....
  11. That's the BSR ZXTT to be exact and no it won't fit on your trailer. With the front nose off it barely fits in a car hauler with no room to walk along side due to the skirts. The door won't open enough so you need to pull yourself out without damaging the FG everything. It is the widest car I have ever seen. Real sorry to see Bob F's 510 looking like that. SVRA at VIR or Mid-Ohio? Notice the lack of black edging on the contemporary Datsun between the red/white/blue? Adding it makes all the difference.
  12. There is an internal tube on the inside of the bottle that the brake bleeder is attached to and as you pump the brakes the bottle fills with fluid so that when the pedal is released air can't get back up the line. You then tighten the bleeder, remove the tube and move to the next brake bleeder. Simple... Chuck - I'm doing the Jefferson 500 in May. Any chance you're going?
  13. Three words - brake bleeder bottle...works just fine with regular bleeders if you don't have speed bleeders. I never got around to installing them and I bleed the race car brakes 2-3 times a day at the track.
  14. Has anyone measured the exact length of each side (F & R)? We replaced the lines when we switched to Wilwood MCs and made the fronts equal length. As to bleeding brakes, if you're including jacking the car up, removing the front wheels, laying a cloth under the MCs, getting the 10mm wrench, bottle of new fluid and bleeder bottle, opening the right rear first, pumping the brakes, closing the bleeder, refilling the MC and moving through the other 3 brakes, putting the front wheels back on and lowering the car, then that should take you no more than 30 minutes.
  15. You pitch me softballs and I'll hit them over the fence every day....