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  1. How to shoot flame from tailpipe

    I have a set of 44mm Solexs with no large venture, just a brazed "elbow" noodle and an 1/8th inch hole for gas to flow into the engine. Lift and the engine spits, get on the throttle hard and a flame appears out of the twin exhaust pipes. Or, you could just buy one of these... http://www.hotlicksexhaust.com
  2. Did you ever produce parts for the direct drive comp boxes?

    I have a line on one and am interested in seeing what is available should I need parts.


    John Jeffery (gnosez)

    Bad Dog Parts

  3. 280zx 5 speed going into 75 280z

    The box wrench trick works quite well (I have one that is curved) and I leave one rear tire on so I can push it with my foot while laying under the car which rotates the driveshaft and puts enough pressure to loosen the nut. I use the tire when I tighten them as well but this time I put some muscle behind the effort and make two or three quick turns of the tire to ensure those pesky nuts stay on tight.
  4. As to the two BSR 280ZXs, that front one seems to be the '79 and the one in back is the purpose built tube frame 1980 ZXTT. And on the matter of the engine being closer to the firewall, it might be an optical/camera angle issue, they built the wall out to add strength or they actually moved the engine back and perhaps a tat rotated to the right to get the weight distribution just right.
  5. installing steering wheel correctly?

    ......"loose on the shaft" AFTER you get to the shop....
  6. Rear wheel hop above 35mph

    Double nut or wire tie...that's what one single data point did to solve the issue.
  7. Rear wheel hop above 35mph

    One last front suspension, "poly" question. And were the poly installed TC bushings installed as per the specifications or just tightened too much? Either way, I know what I did when installing both sides with poly and then drove it hard for over 25,000 miles, I can't comment on what others did.
  8. Rear wheel hop above 35mph

    Snapping which TC rods? On 240/260/280Zs or ZX? I am still waiting on an example of poly TC rods causing an issue in an S30 body Z. I ran them for 5 years before switching to the Techno Toy Tuning TC rod version. I believe you have mistaken the issue with ZXs to encompass all Zs.
  9. Rear wheel hop above 35mph

    Another cause for wheel hop is a loose or not even threaded on strut gland nut. I have to take exception to the use of poly as a cause of issues with S30 body cars in any location, including the TC rod box (which is a ZX not a Z issue). I have either poly or metal to metal on my 240s without any issues at all but my concept of a harsh but very responsive ride is more than likely different than other folks. Other than the TC rod box non-issue, I would love to hear tales of poly that were not ride comfort related.
  10. Rear Diff Leak

    I have swapped diffs in under 2 hrs but it helps that I do it regularly. I have a custom attachment for my large jack that allows me to hold the diff and half shafts without it falling off. Driveshaft bolts, mustache bar end bolts (take it down with the diff), half shaft bolts (at the wheels), diff cross member and carrier bracket bolts. drop diff, remove mustache bar, drain diff if you haven't already, remove cover, clean up everything, replace gasket and cover, fill diff, attach mustache bar, lift into position, add bolts.
  11. Exciting news: I just got a 240Z race car!

    Sorry to say, I'm can't make NJ but with some luck might be at The Glen in October. Did the Schenley Park race for the first time and is was the stupidest fun thing I've done in years. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll forward my cell number to you.
  12. Exciting news: I just got a 240Z race car!

    Mike - I've seen you race at several VRG events but now we'll be in the same run group it seems. I would be happy to share what knowledge I have of the early Zs and setting them up to race.
  13. I took the back rear flat edge and cut the inner portion every half inch then rolled out the flat portion to form a lip. Some FG on the inside and a bit on the edge was all that was needed to complete the mild flare without making a radical change to the exterior appearance. Prior to doing so I took the spring off and found that running 2.25 inch negative camber allowed the wider wheels/tires to tuck up nicely.
  14. 245/35/16 with a light lip in the rear. GC coilovers sitting at 5.75 inches at the front rocker
  15. gnosez