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  1. Carbs are on. Have to shorten the accelerator torsion arm to fit the linkage. And get them tuned properly. A few things had to be modified to fit.
  2. I'm about to start on my new project of putting Weber triples on my car. I wanted Mikuni's but I figured parts and sources would be easier with Weber's. And they are somewhat less expensive. This is actually something I wanted to add later on down the line. I decided to go ahead and do it now. I got them from Carbs Unlimited. I also got the Weber filters that you can run over the velocity stacks.
  3. They had me send photos (the ones posted) and they agreed to refund my money. They sent me a return label and I ended up getting the flu and never sent it back. I wrote back and told them I'd just keep it since I let the label expire. They didn't offer a discount. I also gave them plenty of time on back ordered headlight covers which the website said were in stock. I did get that money refunded with no problem. I gave it several weeks but they still had no ETA on a new shipment. I did tell them they needed to change the description to state that it wasn't "finished" and would need work. And they should note when items were out of stock (headlight covers) I thought it would be gel coated and slick. I expected a lot more from such a good company. I'm really not sure if anyone makes a slick, finished one anymore. I decided I'd make the best of it since I kept it. Not sure if any others would be better quality or not.
  4. I'm doing the rear one Black or Satin Black and the Euro front spoiler the Grey Metallic like the sail panel. Yeah Zedyone, I decided to keep mine even though it needs some work. Years ago when we ordered fiberglass parts they were slick and nice. That's what I expected. Plus the info didn't say it needed finished.
  5. I got a set of OE headlight covers. Lenses aren't perfect but I am happy!
  6. Wow, that's a great buy! I'd say worth every penny. Good luck and I hope it doesn't take much to make it right.
  7. Thanks for posting this Mike. I have two RX-7's and love them as much as I love Datsun's. Jim did a lot in the field of rotary engine building, racing and making quality products for rotaries. Racing Beat is a great company and I am glad for all they have done. Loving cars is what it's all about. You're a class act Mike. Thanks again for posting. Rest In Peace Jim Mederer
  8. Great thread. I'm interested in seeing what reply Panasport gives you about the wheels. I guess the weight and material are the biggest differences. Creatiing liability issues as mentioned above. I want a set of Watanabe's for my car followed by SSR's or Panasport's.
  9. That's pretty cool. I like it. I think it's something to show for being active in something you enjoy. And I've been enjoying reading and posting on the site. I hope to stay pretty active on here and try to contribute when I can. And hopefully learn things I don't know. You can never stop learning. Looking forward to hanging around and being part of it. Thanks everyone. Have a great holiday season!
  10. Hope everyone has a great holiday season. And hopefully everyone will get a lot of new stuff for their Z's. I'm splitting buying parts between my Z and my 7 so I'm slowly getting the parts I want. There's never enough time and money
  11. I understand what you mean. There's hardly time to do anything these days. I will look for your photos and check out the rotisserie work in progress. My Z is ok like it is but I want to do a lot of things to make it better. So that's my goal is to just work and do it a little at a time. Suspension, wheels and tires are my next goal. And the body work and paint last after all else is finished. And another plan is possibly building over time and adding an L28 with mild cam and triple Mikuni's. Store my factory motor. Or maybe I should just get another Z?....... Hahahaha
  12. thumpgun
  13. That's cool. I love old aircooled cars. That one in the background of the pic of mine is my buddies '52. We tore that thing all the way down and he cut the rot out and put new metal in it. It's a really sweet car. He's a got a '57 sliding rag also we did from a shell. I let go of all my VW stuff except the '61. I'm trying to concentrate on Datsun's on RX-7's again. I've had that red '85 FB for 18 years and a '91 TII for 15. What all do you restore? Hobby or business? Do you have any pics of your Z on your profile? Thanks for the replies everyone. It's fun to post and blab about cars. This pic is my '61 Beetle at one point.
  14. Thanks! Yeah I love my Beetle. The aircooled cars are so much fun. I like the brown interior as well. I really wanted a balck interior car but I h ave gotten used to the brown and like. The pictures I have seen of the red interior look awesome. I also like the white interior too.
  15. I'm in Tennessee. No the split is my buddies car. It's a '52 and it's cool. We did a lot of work to both of those cars. There's tons of photo's of both of them on facebook at Street Panzers Ltd profile page. And my Japanese cars are on there at Zeros Car Club. I alo post them on Instagram @thumpgun1