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  1. 240Z from TN

    I got the cam cover finished up today. Sanded the nicks and rough sand marks out of the logo first. Some nicks were too deep to fix. Gives it character. Then got it painted with VHT wrinkle black and then cleaned off the logo and border. shined them back up and sealed the bare metal with Shark Hide. I'm happy with it and think it'll look great on my car. Would like to have another one.
  2. thumpgun

  3. 240Z from TN

    I ordered them through Circuit Dreamer. They are 15x8 0 offset and cost $1,960. It takes about 4 months for them to come from Japan. I expect them around October. I just ordered the Watanabe stainless lug nuts from Rev 9.
  4. 240, 260, 280, 280ZX Many cars for sale

    Ferrari GTO body kit. It's listed on the original main ad. $2500, pick up only, NO shipping. Located in Cleveland, TN call ONLY between 10am - 11pm Eastern time please. Roger 423-457-2958
  5. 240, 260, 280, 280ZX Many cars for sale

    SOLD ------ '74 260Z, Blue, 4 barrel, manual trans, Bob Sharp hood scoop, 3 piece rear spoiler, air dam, very little rust, fiberglass flares, running when parked, has good title. $4000 pick up only or buyer arranges shipper to pick up. Located in Cleveland, TN. We still have lots of cars and parts. call ONLY between 10am - 11pm Eastern time please. Roger 423-457-2958 SOLD
  6. 240Z from TN

    Thank you. I made a list a couple of years ago and started getting things a little at a time. I sold two other cars I had to put all of it into the Z. That's all gone after this phase so it'll slow down now, lol. I'm getting old so I want the car to be finished so I can enjoy it. I hope I can have it at least able to make it to Z Nationals in October. I really like the Japanese / Euro cover (big and small logo) they look awesome. I'd like to have another one for another project. I'm grateful to have found his one. I'm going to do it in wrinkle black finish.
  7. 240Z from TN

    I finally got a Japanese L6 cover. I wanted to go ahead and post a photo. It has a few nicks but that's no big deal. The car isn't perfect anyway. I'll post another after it gets finished and painted.
  8. 240Z from TN

    My T3 coil overs arrived today. I got the MSA sway bar kit a few weeks ago. The wheels will still take 2 or 3 months to arrive. My buddy and I are going to start the installation of these parts when this oppressive humidity and heat start to ease up. A lot of work to do in the upcoming weeks.
  9. 240Z from TN

    My Fujitsubo exhaust got here yesterday. Still waiting on a few more items and then will get started on the install.
  10. 240, 260, 280, 280ZX Many cars for sale

    Black G Nose flared fender $500 Black G Nose 2 piece $500 S30 Louvers $100 Square port 6 into 2 header $100 3 bolt roundtop SU's $300 Weber down draft carbs bolt to SU intake included $200 L28T with auto trans, will not seperate $1000 Weber triple 40's with intake $850 3 bolt roundtop SU's with E88 intake and head $300 squaretop SU's $300 14"X8" slot wheels $500 Plus more cars, axles, heads, L motors, etc. ALL Z parts only! Still more cars and parts to go through. Get it now! Pick up only, No shipping. Call or text Eastern time only between 10AM - 11PM or message here or email.
  11. 240Z from TN

    Parts are slowing starting to show up. My Cusco strut tower braces from Whitehead Performance got here yesterday. I'm still waiting on the exhaust system from them. The other parts will gradually be showing up. And the wheels probably not until October, at a guess. Checking out tires and making plans for them and a few other small items. I'll post more photo's as the parts arrive.
  12. 240, 260, 280, 280ZX Many cars for sale

    SOLD---- '77 RHD car has been sold.. I cannot edit the text on original ad to remove it but I removed the photo's.
  13. 240, 260, 280, 280ZX Many cars for sale

    3 Jim Cook Racing body kits / front fenders / rear quarters and whale tail, NO air dam. $1000 each. L28 complete $500 G Nose $500 L motors, transmissions, other misc Z parts. We still haven't been through.
  14. 240, 260, 280, 280ZX Many cars for sale

    He used to deal with the guy at The Z Barn many years ago. Probably some stuff or cars from there. I wished The Z Barn was still around. He actually said he sold 7 cars to the Z Barn.
  15. 240, 260, 280, 280ZX Many cars for sale

    We've been swamped with messages and calls. It's been difficult and gets confusing. I'm just trying to help my friend sell all of this because there's a lot of stuff. We want it to go to good homes and people that love Z's. And I hate to lose any old cars or parts. There's so little left anymore. Thanks Siteunseen for the luck we really need it.