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  1. That seems very reasonable, especially since the glass you got looks like the original glass since it does not have the blue tinted strip across the top. I look forward to meeting up with you during ZCON. I buy your old trim to replace mine that is gouged. I will send you a PM.
  2. That is awesome @GreenZZZ! How long did it take Absolute to do the work? What was the cost if you don't mind me asking? I received my new Precision gasket from MSA on Friday and it fit perfectly. Gonna wait until after ZCON to mess with it. As I was doing some cleaning on I noticed one of my lower stainless trim pieces was gouged pretty good so I may look in to buying another one.
  3. That blue 31K mile series-1 that sold on BAT for $39K is driving a lot of this. It was a 4-digit VIN car, looked good enough, and could have been left as-is which I think is the new owner's plan since it is going in to a museum. At the end of the day, the market will speak on this can and kudos to the seller for posting a ton of pictures. The winner bidder will know exactly what they are buying.
  4. I bought a seal from MSA and on their website they specify Coupe or 2+2. I am thinking the one I received might have been for a 2+2 but was labeled incorrectly. The seal from MSA should be here later this week. Hey GreenZZZ. Let us know how your install goes on Thursday with the glass guy. Did you already remove your stainless trim? I didn't have a chance to make any phone calls to get install quotes but will try to do so tomorrow. On my old lime green Z, it was a little sad to see it go but I know it was beyond my skill set to get it where I wanted it. My current '71 is a much better car through and though. The serious uptick in values has not hurt it either.
  5. Yeah, I have always done this when installing just a new shock or strut. What springs are you running Lumens?
  6. Great picture! WOW! $100K for a non-432 Z. We all know values for original series-1 cars are rising pretty quickly but I was not aware they had hit that mark. Being a 3-digit VIN car is a plus but $100K is air cooled turbo Porsche money and knocking on the door of other Italian sports cars.
  7. I just spoke to Jimmy at Courtesy. He knew exactly what I was wanting and said he has been through two of them from Nissan. Unfortunately what Nissan sends is a foam rubber almost generic looking seal. It is definitely not the windshield seal we need. Based on what he has seen the seal is truly NLA. Precision is now the only option so I will buy another one and see how it goes.
  8. Wishing Brian a speedy recovery. Looking forward to his posts and updates once he is feeling up to it.
  9. Good news. The seller gave me a full refund and apologized. I am going to work to get another seal but unsure if I can receive it and get it installed before ZCON. I would hate for something to happen this close to the event and not be able to drive the car. I am going to call Courtesy tomorrow just to see what a Nissan seal costs. If it is outrageous then I will order another Precision seal and hope for the best.
  10. Thank you so much for the info and tips guys! Thank you Terrapin Z for all the pictures. They are a great reference! One of the local Z club members had an original Nissan windshield out of his '72 240z. I went and measured it earlier today and compared it against my new one and they match to the 1/16th of an inch. So it is definitely the gasket. I have contacted the seller about returning it and getting a refund. With this experience using the Precision gasket I am hesitant to buy another one, leaving me with buying a Nissan gasket as my only other option. I will start making some calls on Monday to see who could do the install for me. I already got one quote which was $125 from a local company and will get a few more for due diligence. I don't mind spending the money and if I run in to a major snag when trying to do the install I can go this route. I just feel others have been successful doing this on their own and I feel I have nothing to lose by trying and taking my time when doing so. I will keep everyone posted.
  11. My DIY windshield replacement project is off to a rough start. This evening I went about installing the new Precision gasket before doing anything on the the car. Once I got across the top I felt I had a problem but went ahead and pushed the rest of the gasket on thinking the arc in the glass would take up the slack. It did not! If anyone has a windshield sitting around can you give me some reference measurements? I need to find out the glass is too small or the gasket is too big. The windshield is a FYG piece that is made in China, part# FW241. Based on what I can find this a good quality replacement and a seller on Ebay has sold 56 of them. Any help with some measurement numbers is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. I believe you are referring to what is commonly called "Series-1" cars. The thread below is a good place to start but there is information scattered all over this site and other Z websites. Try Google'ing 240z Series-1. http://www.classiczcars.com/topic/6982-240z-differences-1970-1973/
  13. Congratulations Zup and Mike W!
  14. No, the windshield is not a PPG windshield. The one that is in the car is not one either. I tried calling PPG three times, was on hold for minutes on end, never spoke to anyone. I saw the prices on the Nissan seal, just too much for me right now. If I was doing a true restoration I might consider it but for now, $55 shipped was the right price. When Nissan starts making more restoration parts, hopefully the prices of consumables like these will come down a little.
  15. I have used both. On the lime green '72 I had the exact same ceramic coated header. On my '71 I still have the original case iron exhaust manifold. If you are having fuel percolation issues, getting a header won't solve the problem as it will still be just as hot if not hotter. Make sure the heat shield is in place under your carbs and that your mixture is not lean. A lean mixture will raise your exhaust gas temperatures thus making the manifold or header very hot. If you are planning to modify your engine or race it, a header is the way to go. If your engine is all stock and you just plan on cruising and driving enthusiastically, the iron manifold is just fine. If you still have everything apart, clean the manifold and paint it with some high temp paint. Let us know what you decide to do.