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  1. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    I guess they don’t advertise all their settings? im neural here, just I’ve never seen a proper setup with camber plates? It’d be worth testing the generic setups above that are more or less the same except colour on a shock dyno just to see/show what they are. kmac seem to make some proven bolt in multi adjustable bits if you’re desperate for all that adjustment. Personally, it seems more are keen on chasing headline bhp figures without properly thinking about feel and car dynamics.
  2. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    As above, va motorsport do a bolt in.
  3. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    What’s too good?
  4. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    No they don’t. Not sure when I’ve ever seen a proper setup with them though? I looked at about 6-9options, none had it. Va motorsport do ball joint top mounts to suit though, that gives caster/camber as per their developed race-rally cars.
  5. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    A lot of the links above are all from the same factory in the Far East. Not saying there’s anything wrong but they all recommend spring rates that no decent suspension specialist would, along with ‘dampers’ to suit.
  6. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    It varies depending on which option and what options etc.
  7. Coilover Options (Updated 2017 Links, Cost)

    you've missed the best option of intrax
  8. 1972 Fairlady Z Value

    Please just sell it to someone who appreciates it. Or stick it on a Bring a trailer where it could hit 40k.
  9. 55476-n4300 moustache bar bushings wanted

    I've now located some new OEM ones. Still waiting on info about having some made though.
  10. 1970 240z uk project

    ETA, The main reason is that a 240z is one of my dream cars, I've also always wanted AP calipers, so i'd put the two together!
  11. 1970 240z uk project

    In no order. history, quality, looks, fit, details, colour, weight. The thing that really did it was that their such a proven caliper in all situations. Look a little more correct also.
  12. 1970 240z uk project

    to show i've not gone crazy. This is how the caliper looks behind the wheel. IMG_4734 by jason spencer, on Flickr quite subtle I think.
  13. 1970 240z uk project

    Thats the problem I had. a lot of 'bling' looking setups about, mostly the same as each other. I wanted something that'd suit a bit more.
  14. 1970 240z uk project

    As a small update, the cars away again having the paint sorted. Had to blast the engine bay back to bare metal..... While its out of the garage I've started on bits that should speed up getting it rolling. I made a bearing guide on the lathe to support the control arm after bending one myself. Took just over 8 tonnes to press it in! IMG_4705 by jason spencer, on Flickr I had a load of stuff plated. IMG_4701 by jason spencer, on Flickr Took some advice and just gave a tub full to a company, who cleaned and yellow zinc coated it. Great work and surprisingly cheap. Saved me a couple of days work also. I know the bonnet supports should be body colour but I don't like how the paint can rub off. IMG_4696 by jason spencer, on Flickr Finally made my mind up about calipers. It was helped by the fact the replica mk63's aren't being made any more. 1.8kg vs 4kg. The should look very subtle behind the wheels. I'm going to run 280x25mm discs. I'd like discs and bells but the budget won't allow for now, however I think i've found a disc I can use by just redrilling. I'm going to buy the cheapest version I can as a test(£25ish), then go for a quality version once I know I can measure correctly. IMG_4685-1 by jason spencer, on Flickr IMG_4687-1 by jason spencer, on Flickr IMG_4707 by jason spencer, on Flickr IMG_4706 by jason spencer, on Flickr The setup saves 1kg per side which I wasn't expecting given the extra weight of the discs. Just to compound things. A replacement rear arm i've got has damage/bend and seems to be a couple of mm out so I need an arm again. I'd like to get all the chassis parts ready to bolt on(ish), when I get the shell back.
  15. Mustache bar bushings

    me neither. current thinking is to buy some 70sha bar, machine the bushings, then with a large washer, bond a disc of 70sha poly to it using silka flex, creating the exact same setup out of 70sha?