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  1. 72 OMS Pace Car F/S in NY

    It would be more attractive if the second owner was selling it, with an honest story to tell. It's kind of contaminated now.
  2. Rolling Shell with no VIN

    I think that, maybe, one reason mj87 is nervous is because he might lose the car if he digs too deep. If it is has been falsely titled in the past and the efforts to get it titled show that, he might be holding stolen property. So, really, no offense, it's kind of a moral dilemma - know the truth or hang on to what might actually be someone else's car. Probably better for peace of mind to just try to get the proper VIN on the proper title. It's most likely just a lost or reconstructed title in the past. You could probably do another lost title process and get it all squared away. It's the people at the DMV in your state that will know. Not the two people you've talked to so far.
  3. 72 OMS Pace Car F/S in NY

    Where's Carl Beck? @Carl Beck http://zhome.com/Racing/OMSDuplicates.htm He can't be 18,000 years in to the future.
  4. Electrical hack job, no brake lights.

    Don't assume that all of the hacks are from the PO. Nissan's splices from back then look like hacks. Crimped splices covered with just black tape. Read the FSM sections to learn how the circuits work. The combination switch is not involved with the brake lights, for example. Post the year of your car in future posts. Looks like 71, I'm guessing. The hazard switch is often a source of lighting problems too. http://www.classiczcars.com/files/category/11-240z/
  5. Lost Rear Bearing Shim Washers

    Just realized that this doesn't fit my "ball bearing basics" criteria, using the old bearing's inner race. The old bearing will have wear that allows the inner race to move away from the plane of the outer race. A flat piece of bar stock or the end of a steel straight edge in the hole would work though, after the old bearing is removed.
  6. Lost Rear Bearing Shim Washers

    You know you've been in Z car world for a long time when you can easily use "distance piece" in a sentence without pause. That's a good discussion winner there zKars. I still like my "basics of ball bearings" approach though.
  7. I had a VG30E in a Pathfinder so I've seen the plug problem. Pretty sure I felt a few grains of grit under the seat when I changed them. Luckily, the ignition and engine control systems on those engines are so good you can get about 50,000 miles from a set of plugs. Pretty sure I got over 100,000 out of a set. Not quite right, but it was just an SUV daily driver. Had 260,000 and still running great when I sold it. I was thinking here, like it hit the socket once -
  8. Rolling Shell with no VIN

    There are many ways to get a title for a vehicle, that might not be the original for the bulk of the car. It's surprising what you can do. Here's a sampling from Oregon. The link and a snippet. The thing about the Z's is that their VIN format doesn't match the common databases that DMV's use. So computer records are scarce, probably for showing that a car was stolen also. 87mj could probably file for a lost title and get it with the firewall VIN number, then change the other tags to match. Question - does the engine code match the engine bay tag? Might be a clue about where things came from. Pretty common to combine cars to make one good one. http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/docs/trassembled.pdf
  9. Maybe it was a secret storage spot. Was that broken piece of rotor in there or did you break it off?
  10. Rolling Shell with no VIN

    That's the funny thing about "the states". We're actually more like 66 tiny nations. They all have their own laws, and like it that way. There is no federal VIN law. Ownership is determined by the laws of the state. So you're probably fine within certain geographical regions, but might have problems if you want to sell it.
  11. Datsun 280zx won’t start

    Save you some time -
  12. Datsun 280zx won’t start

    Connecting the battery backward can cause problems. Short circuit somewhere in the wiring maybe. Good find. Bad news. I just noticed what you said earlier about trying a 1978 ECU. 1982 is completely different. Nissan actually wrote some notes when they changed the ECU's saying "Do not try early ECU's on these cars!!!!" So that was a bad idea. Anyway, you need an ECU that's right for the car. Here's a link to a guide with ECU numbers. Maybe yours is not even right for the car. Post up the number.
  13. Lost Rear Bearing Shim Washers

    A thought on being sure the distance piece is correct for the hub. Stick the piece in without the axle. It should be flush with the outer race seat on the other side, within a few thousandths. It's kind of a goofy spec. because the ranges overlap. They seem to want the distance piece to be smaller than the hub but the overlap and wide range makes the opposite possible. "Blueprinted", the distance piece would be about .0012" smaller than the hub. Without the perfect tools, a flush feel by finger is probably good.
  14. Lost Rear Bearing Shim Washers

    Is the topic still "what happened" or "how to put it back together"? The numbers say "B" hub to me. Is there a B? The extended race is described in the part description, if it helps. It would be on the outside, so the inside portion of the inner and out races would be flush when assembled.
  15. Datsun 280zx won’t start

    Forgot to say also, check the ground circuit for the ECU and EFI system. There is a separate ground for the connector, you can see it at 19, 20 and 22. People often get so focused on the power that they forget about the ground. Edit - the tests I described are all written up in the pages following the EFEC-80 diagram. Your fuel pump power test above, usng Pin 13, kind of indicates that you're not going through the tests in the FSM. There's a simpler fuel pump power test on page EFEC-94, using the starter solenoid wire. The test we often recommend. Sometimes, as you're learning these new things, it's a good idea to go back and re-run a series of tests. They make more sense the 2nd and 3rd time around.